Keeping safe on your night out at a Nightclub Cheltenham way

When you prepare for an evening out in a Nightclub Cheltenham way most people are busy thinking about the places that they are going to visit, where they are going to meet their friends and most importantly what they are going to wear.

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Cheltenham itself has been awarded a Purple Flag status which means that it has been recognised as a safe place to go out for an evening. There are national standards which the town needs to meet to demonstrate the management and image of the town at night. The scheme requires the towns to offer a variety of safe locations including bars and clubs,restaurants and arts and cultural locations that people can attend in the evenings.

Although a Purple Flag town means that you should be able to enjoy a night out with few worries. However, there are a number of things that you should do regardless of where you are going out for an evening to help maintain your safety.

  • Where possible you should always stay in a group of friends when you are travelling to and from your location and whilst in town. It is important to ensure that you are aware of where each one is and travel together in either a taxi ora pre-arranged lift.
  • If you book a taxi you should always use a licenced company and one that is well known and trusted locally. If you can always book your taxi in advance and do not ever be tempted to get into a taxi that is not licenced.
  • It can be easy to get carried away on a night out and drink too much but with each extra drink that you have lessen your ability to be able to think clearly and therefore safely. Know your own limits and stick to them. It is also incredibly important to ensure that you always stay with your drinks and never accept a drink from anyone you don’t know and trust.

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  • When waling between venues or a short distance to your front door always stay in well lit areas and never take a shortcut through a dark alleyway. It is better to walk a longer distance whilst remaining in lit areas.

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