Can summer clothes still work in winter?

Can summer clothes still work in winter?

There is an obvious disadvantage to wearing summer clothes in winter. Thin materials or anything that shows a bit of skin is going to leave you feeling rather cold. Stylistically however, some items readily cross over from season to season, providing you think about the thickness of the fabric and are smart about your layers.

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You may think of chinos as a lightweight option, full length trousers that still allow your legs to breathe in those warmer months and offer a great alternative to stiffer, heavier jeans. Some chinos, however, are made with thick enough fabric to protect you in winter and can go well with heavier walking boots. The cotton also makes an intriguing contrast to a woolly jumper.

Polo shirts

These are a staple of many men’s wardrobes and there are some great versions available from outfitters like EJ Menswear. The buttons and collar of the polo make it much smarter than an ordinary T-shirt but without turning into outright formalwear. Mens Ralph Lauren polo shirts are also slightly thicker than regular T-shirts so they can make a good winter option. Just make sure you can still see the collar over any jumper.

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Breton shirts

For something different, take a trip to Brittany, or to the French Riviera where Breton shirts are equally popular. Also known as marinière or tricot rayé they are usually blue and white striped and traditionally associated with sailors and fishermen. Mariners always need clothing to keep them a bit warmer at sea but their distinctive stripes also make a visually engaging statement that works well under a jumper or jacket.


Layers are a sensible way to dress for winter and the overshirt adds a valuable option halfway between a shirt and a jacket. In summer it is a jacket, slipped on over a T-shirt, but in winter it becomes the middle layer between a T-shirt and overcoat. You can wear one as a house coat at any time of year. Wool is one of the best materials because it can keep heat in or out, depending on the weather.

By adding extra layers, many summer clothes can easily be adapted for your winter wardrobe, giving you a new look with extra style while also allowing you to stay warm and comfortable. In fact, it is a great way to blend fashion and practicality.