The development of Microsoft

Microsoft is a name that everyone has heard of and is one of the big players in IT software. But did you know that the idea first started off in a small garage? You can be sure that they would have used a company like Garage Doors Bristol firm to ensure their garage space was safe and secure.

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The company was first founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen back in 1975. Gates was a Harvard dropout, and Allen was his friend. They began by converting BASIC, which was a mainframe computer programming language that was already in existence, and they used it in a very basic personal computer called Altair. It wasn’t long after they successfully converted BASIC that why set up Microsoft. The name is an amalgamation of the words microcomputer and software.

By 1980 IBM had asked Microsoft to produce the operating system for the company’s very first personal computer that they had designed. This was called the IBM PC. In order to fulfil this work, Microsoft bought an operating system and adapted it to make it more suitable for IBM. The result was Microsoft Disk Operating System or MS-DOS. In 1981 the IBM PC with MS-DOS was released and sold to the public.

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Other computer companies saw the popularity of the MS-DOS system and approached Microsoft to produce the operating systems for their computers. By the early 1990s, over 100 million copies of the program had been sold, and it had beaten all of its rivals, some of which ceased to exist.

Microsoft then went on to create Windows which was a graphical user interface, and by 1993 the software was selling at an incredible rate. Around a million copies are sold every month. In 1995 Microsoft released Windows95 which operated as a graphical user interface and integrated MS-DOS for the first time. Since then, there have been numerous further updates. The company embraced the use of the internet and established Office 365 as a roaming platform that can be accessed via any internet connection from any computer. It has revolutionised the way that many businesses operate, especially as a result of the pandemic. More and more people are looking for solutions that allow them to work in the office, from home or in a shared office environment.

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