Basic safety observations for site entrances

The entrance to a business,  leisure centre,  public space like a library,  heritage attraction,  or public government building  all face the same difficult decisions.   Whilst they need to appear to be open to the public they still need to exhibit a large degree of safety and security.  This is needed to protect both the employees and the wider general public from anti-social behavior or in some extreme and rare cases worse. Visitor Management System UK from Ofec is one of the many ways that an organisation, such as the ones above, can ensure that there is safety for all.

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However even with such systems there has to be some care and attention applied.  One of the most common mistakes that can be made is that of tailgating.  This is a simple technique used to gain access to a building that one should not be in.  Simply put, the person seeking access  lingers by the entrance waiting for a legitimate staff member too to come to the door.  The fake colleague pretends that they have lost their pass and asks to borrow the other person’s. They then  walk through with them when the genuine colleague scan’s their pass.

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The other technique is even more simple but equally ingenious.  The fake colleague waits outside the particular door with a large and cumbersome package.  The helpful colleague opens the door for them using their pass allowing the fake colleague access to the building.  These two examples are easily done by both the colleague and the fake colleague without due care.

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