Are Concrete And Cement The Same Thing

There are many instances when you might be looking to use either concrete or cement in your home projects. It is important to understand the distinction between these two construction materials so you can ensure that you are choosing the one that is most suitable for the project that you are undertaking.

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The terms concrete and cement are often used in an interchangeable way but cement is in fact an ingredient of concrete. In order to make concrete you need to mix sand, gravel and crushed stone together with water and cement. This is mixed together to make concrete. The percentages that you use for each material will determine the thickness of the concrete.

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During the hydration process the freshly laid cement starts to harden as the cement and water that have been combined start to harden. This then leads to the aggregates turning into a solid mass. It is incredibly hard to break up concrete and in most cases specialist machinery will be used to remove concrete. It is possible to repair concrete if it becomes damaged and so it becomes a relatively cost effective material to use.





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