How Adele opened up about depression

One of the most significant new talents to emerge on the music scene over the last few years is Adele. With hits like Hello, Chasing Pavements and Make you feel my love, they have cemented her as a firm favourite with the British public and the world. International success has also come easy to the chanteuse. Breaking the USA market is no mean feat, but Adele has done it. Brit Awards and Grammys, and even an Oscar for her Skyfall song from the Bond film of the same name, have soon followed. Her three studio albums, named after the age she was when recorded, 19, 25 and 30, have sold by the bucket load. On top of all of this, she has even won the prestigious Ivor Novello award. All this and total sales worldwide of 120 million records prove the girls got something.

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She’s also a friend to the stars. Drake, Sir Elton John, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lawrence have all said how close they are to her. To confirm her friendship with the comedian Alan Carr, she became an ordained minister so that she could officially marry him to his boyfriend.

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However, like the rest of us, she can get low. Adele has been very vocal and open about suffering from postnatal depression. Dealing with this subject is never easy, but Mental Health Training Courses, like those from can prepare a professional to help someone get through it.

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