Angel Sessions new single ‘You Missed a Good Thing’ earns review

Angel Sessions new single ‘You Missed a Good Thing’ earns review

Veteran singer/songwriter Angel Sessions released her new single “You missed a good thing”. This comes days before the official release of her album “The Best of Angel Sessions R&B”.

The new song is already earning wave reviews. “You Missed a Good Thing” is currently number 2 on the global international charts (London) Archodia Play. It is no surprise that gamers on real money casino games love her music.

This song has a fun up-tempo beat that tells a story about a girl telling her ex, you missed a good thing, and that she is gone, now that they have broken up. It’s a catchy song with a catchy hook you can dance to, with a funky sound.

Angel’s upcoming album will include some of her earlier material such as “Give My Love a Try”, “Open Up Your Eyes” and “Make Up Your Mind”. Angel wrote the lyrics of all her songs and managed the musical arrangement. There is no stopping the legendary singer.

In 2021, Angel Sessions released two number 1 singles, “The L-o-v-e and “You Will Always Be (My Baby Girl) that peaked at number 1 on Archodia Play, RNB Hits Radio and major global charts.

Through the years, Angel’s music has peaked at number 1, and she has her fans to thank for that. “I truly love my fans. They are the ones that keep me motivated and going. I am thankful to God for the love my fans have shown me, and I want to give them always my best in music because music soothes the soul and can be very uplifting in the days, we live in.”

Born in Louisville, KY and a resident in California, this exceptionally talented music artist embarked upon her journey into the world of music at a young age. Her strong faith in the Holy Principles and love for Christ compelled her to pursue her other passion-music.

Through Urban Gospel music, she shares her love and faith for the Holy Trinity with her audience. The award-winning artist has delivered several spell-binding stage performances. However, the performance that truly stood out and left an ever-lasting mark on her memory was the pre-Grammy party performance in LA.

With consistent hard work, she aspires to perform at the Grammys’ one day. While several fans have compared her vocals and sound quality to that of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Angel Sessions believes that her organic approach to music is absolutely unique and original.

So far, she has collaborated with several artists including Lenny Williams, The Delfonics, Brenda Holloway, Freda Payne, Ali Woodson ( The Temptation), The Dells, Mary Wilson ( The Supremes), The Dramatics, L.J. Reynolds ( lead singer of the Dramatics), Maurice White ( Earth Wind and Firer), James Brown, Teena Marie, Tamia, Montel Jordan, H Town, The Whispers and Eric Benet. We might actually get to listen to songs on casino south Africa.

When asked about her ability to write her own lyrics, Angel commented that: “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wrote songs of love to my heavenly Father. It was a gift God has given me along with the ability to sing.”