Tips and tricks to looking younger

Tips and tricks to looking younger

When it comes to retaining your youthful look, many of us are looking for activities we can complete each day to enhance any treatments we may have had, along with helping our natural beauty shine through.

Add Volume to Your Hair

Mousse is the most effective volume-boosting product, and it contains resins that coat each hair and make it thicker – and it’s cheaper than more specialist hair products.

Take a palmful of mousse and apply it from the roots towards the tips, flip your head upside down, and use the hairdryer until your hair is barely damp. You’ll have big hair ready to style when you flip back up. Choose a round brush – the sort your hairdresser uses to blow dry your hair. A 2″ round brush will hold your hair away from the scalp and give it lift from the roots.

Brighten Your Smile

We all want a brighter smile, and if you’re looking for whiter teeth, then a dentist can help you here, or you can find some whitening treatments that you can conduct at home. If your budget isn’t that flexible, try brushing with a paste made of baking soda to boost your whitening.

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Hide Hair Loss

Hair loss can often male people feel like they are ageing prematurely. For men who are currently shaving to hide male pattern baldness, consider the benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation Near Me at a site like

Hide Dark Circles

Start with your eye cream and give it time to sink in, then don’t skimp on the concealer – apply it generously, blend it well, and, if you can still see dark circles, use a second layer. Set the concealer with powder before applying the foundation. This works well for all skin tones.

Use tea bags for an eye masque – the caffeine helps shrink blood vessels that cause darkness and combats puffiness. Put two bags in boiling water for a few seconds, then chill them in ice water before applying them to your eyes.

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Minimise Blemishes and Wrinkles

Concealer is critical here, too. Use one shade or two lighter than your foundation and apply with a brush to the area. Top that with a dot of foundation to help it blend in seamlessly. Stop excess makeup gathering in laughter lines by blending well with a dry sponge, particularly around the eyes.

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