Car Hire Excess Insurance: The Benefits

Car Hire Excess Insurance: The Benefits

Wherever you are in the world, when you hire a car, typically, you should receive basic insurance with the hire.

However, the insurance will come with an excess. And this excess is the amount you will need to pay towards any claims. The insurance excess for car hire can be very high, a lot higher than the excess on your normal car insurance policy and the excess may cost more than the price of hiring.

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If you’re involved in an accident or your rental car is stolen, car hire excess insurance can save you from paying the substantial excess fee required by the rental company’s insurance policy. Read below to learn about the benefits of car hire excess insurance.

Benefits of Car Hire Excess Insurance

Financial Protection

As reported by the Guardian, the primary benefit of car hire excess insurance is financial protection. If your rental car is damaged or stolen, you won’t be faced with a hefty excess bill. Instead, your insurance policy will cover the cost, saving you potentially thousands of pounds.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you’re protected against unexpected costs can provide valuable peace of mind during your rental period. This means that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the financial consequences of an accident or theft.

Affordable Premiums

Car hire excess insurance policies are often surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to the excess amounts they cover. For a relatively small upfront cost, you can protect yourself against much larger expenses down the line.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Many car hire excess insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage, including protection against damage to the car’s windows, tyres, roof, and undercarriage. Some policies also cover personal possessions left in the car.


You can often choose the level of coverage you need, with options for daily or annual policies to suit your situation. This flexibility allows you to tailor your insurance to your specific needs and budget, ensuring you have the right protection.

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