The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

In addition to the fact that your vacation should be fun and enjoyable for you, do not forget about safety during your holidays. In addition to popular tourist destinations and countries whose economies are mostly focused on travelers, there are also countries that are absolutely not suitable for holidays. It is important to know that there are dangerous countries to visit. They should be avoided if you do not want to jeopardize not only your journey but also your health and even your life.

International Organization for the provision of emergency medical care and safety of travelers in all corners of the globe, International SOS annually compiles its list of the most unsafe countries to visit.

The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

The most dangerous countries

There is a label “the highest possible level of risk”; it implies that fighting is taking place in the country, an extremely high level of crime, a generally unstable situation in society and the state. In this category were:

  • Since 2011, civil war has been continuously waged in this country, the number of Syrians killed exceeded 400,000, and the number of refugees is estimated at millions.
  • Seven years ago, after the assassination of Gaddafi, the state literally ceased to exist. At the moment, the country consists of several independent territories, each of which is controlled by a paramilitary group.
  • For many years, this country is in a serious crisis, and since 2014 it has been actively engaged in military operations due to the civil war.
  • For a long time, this country was considered one of the most dangerous for travelers – to the constant raids of pirates are added clashes against the backdrop of civil war.
  • Terrorism, active hostilities, and the highest possible crime rate are clearly not the conditions in which you would like to spend your holidays.
  • In addition to the danger of meeting with the Taliban or local drug dealers, there is a high probability of finding unexploded ordnance that is not uncommon in this country.
  • Guinea Bissau. This is a small and very poor African country, the main item of the budget of which is drug trafficking. In addition to the danger from criminal gangs, paramilitary control bodies, there is also a chance to catch a virus or to get sick with fever, given the particular climate and the level of medical care.
  • The high level of crime and the periodic clashes of paramilitary groups, the civil war that was unleashed in 2015 – all this clearly speaks against a trip to this country.

The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Medium risk countries

It is also worth paying attention to the countries that seem to remain a tourist in the generally accepted plan, but they are fraught with danger. And if you do not want to spend the entire vacation, fearing for your well-being, you should avoid traveling in these directions.

The first thing worth mentioning is Mexico and Colombia. These countries are known for their high level of crime, overkill rates of homicides and widespread drug trafficking. It can be unsafe on the streets even during daylight hours; it’s not even worth talking about evening and night time.

Going to India or Egypt, in general, you can not worry about your life, but the wallet should be kept stronger. In these countries, an excessively high level of robbery and robbery, so you have to always be on the alert.

Speaking of general security, it would not be superfluous to mention Thailand. In general, this country is quite friendly with tourists, and much there is aimed at meeting the needs of travelers and ensuring them a comfortable stay. However, there are also disadvantages – a catastrophic non-observance of the rules of the road, which naturally leads to tens of thousands of accidents every year.

The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Despite the fact that in this article we considered only a few countries designated as dangerous to visit, remember that you need to take care of your safety always and everywhere. In whatever place you are, do not lose your vigilance and remember that your life and health should always come first.

When choosing a place to rest, it is important not only to study choose interesting sights to visit, but also make sure that you will be safe, and in case of an emergency, you will know where to turn for help.

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