10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018. How many times have you told yourself: I would like to travel but I do not have enough money? Well, nobody said it would be easy to travel without money but it’s not even impossible. If you have already decided to travel the world in 2018 and still do not know how to save what you need, we suggest you some tips on how to do it without any budget. Discover 10 tricks to save money and reach your goal. Now you can leave for any destination, this is your year! And find the best vacation home for you in Hundredrooms.

Decide your next destination10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

Travel to Paris, London, New York, Thailand … The first step to do this is to pin the place you want to go. So, take a pen and a piece of paper and collect some photos of the place, share it on Facebook … everything you need to not forget that this year you will succeed. The more visible and clear your goal, the easier it is to reach it. It is one of the best tips to travel more.

Let the whole world know about it10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

If you want your trip to become reality, tell your idea to the whole world. To your friends, parents, couple and your housemates, work … Tell everyone! It often turns out to be one of the most difficult things but it serves to convince us that our goal is possible, try it and see how it will simplify everything.  It is one of the best tips to travel more.

Calculate a spending plan

Now that you have it in your mind, go and get it! Process a spending plan and a revenue plan. Plan how much you can save for each trip every day and every week. Of all the expenses you’ve calculated … What’s really essential? Sure you can eliminate something superfluous.  It is one of the best tips to travel more.

A well-closed piggy bank10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

It seems trivial, but the piggy-shaped piggy bank still works. Take one that cannot open, to avoid temptation and remember to fill it. Such as?

-Accumulating all the remains of the supermarket is one of the best ways to fill it.

-Add the money you would have spent on canceled weekend programs.

-Goodbye to the daily cafe. The euro you spend at the bar will be a great idea to fill the pig.

-All the money you did not expect to receive: 5 euro forgotten in the pocket of jeans, money from a past loan that you had forgotten, the 10 euros won thanks to a bet.

The taper, your new ally

A change that for some sounds like a revolution is: to cook more. Often we lack the time and we are forced to have lunch in the first hot table that we find on the street; we buy prepared dishes that cost us much more than we would spend preparing them at home. Prepare a taper and make it your new travel companion. Even if you do not see yourself capable, you will see that planning a weekly menu is not impossible. It will be enough to cook once and for all, cutting out a bit of time, and freeze everything.

Dinner at home before going out10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

Another foolproof trick to save money is to dine at home before going out with friends. If you are one of those who likes to eat out, calculate the money you want to reserve for this during the week and if you are exaggerating, you can reach them later for a bay of beers. It will surprise you to see how much you can save by giving up some dinner outside.  It is one of the best tips to travel more.

Look but do not touch!

Do not touch anything you do not want to buy. Some studies show that the fact of touching the products makes the consumer feel more like his, and is convinced to take out his wallet. Here, then look without touching. Another way to save money.  It is one of the best tips to travel more.

Before going to buy10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

Keep 4 things in mind before going shopping:

-Make a list of everything you need. It is proven that if you go shopping without having a nice list pulled down, you will eventually buy and spend more.

-Before buying something you think necessary, let one day pass. Probably in 24 hours you will realize that in truth you do not need it as much as you thought.

-Buy online, as it is usually cheaper online.

-Do not go to the supermarket on an empty stomach because you would certainly fall into a thousand belly temptations.

Earn some extra10 tricks to save and travel more in 2018

There are two fundamental pillars to achieve your goal: no spending and earning more. In addition to not spending, you can take out some money by selling the things you do not need anymore. For this, there are some pages that could help you: Wallapop is one of them. So, make local mind in your room some things that take up space and are not so necessary It is one of the best tips to travel more.

Compare and save time

The last advice we give you is to use the travel comparator to choose the best way to save money: accommodation, flights, cars, and insurance …Now you have the tools to save money to travel. Do not put limits, do not put off what you have not been able to do to date for a budget issue.


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