Christmas party food options

Christmas will soon be upon us and many of us are looking at all the food options that we want to enjoy on the day. Once you have ensured you have enough space around the Connubia Calligaris Tables that you bought from Nua Style for all your guests you can start thinking about the menu. If you are having a sit-down lunch, you may well be considering a buffet-style evening gathering and there are a number of party food options that you might want to include:

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  • Spiced delights – everyone loves a good Onion Bhaji or a nice Vegetable Samosa so make sure that you have a variety of these spiced delights available. It is also worth having some nice dips that will complement the flavours. This could include salsas and also sour cream based sauces.

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  • Sausage rolls – no party buffet is complete without some sausage rolls and why not throw in a few cheese and onion rolls to go along with them. They are definitely a favourite amongst the younger generations. You can also find a number of different flavoured roll bakes aswell.
  • Bite-sized desserts – there is a whole selection of bite-sized desserts that you can enjoy as a part of a buffet. You can find everything from mini cheesecakes and doughnuts through to party-sized eclairs and custard slices. Add some fruit to the table and you have a wonderful dessert selection everyone will be desperate to enjoy.

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