Getting the kids of the couch

As the summer days start to dwindle and the days of autumn loom it’s a good idea to get the kids out and about before they can get into Minecraft or whatever new show has caught their attention. With rates of childhood obesity and a lack of fitness still growing, the need for a good outdoor area is of vital importance.

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It’s why the work of Playgrounds Cheltenham based company is so important. The installation of a play area to stimulate young minds and bodies has never been more pertinent. There is now so much more competing for our children’s attention that it’s very possible that they can get swamped. It’s not a case of overstimulation, more a case of what to do first. Whatever they choose to do they feel they are missing out on something.

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The best approach is to go with them. You may not be able to play on the equipment with them but at least they’ll see your interest in what they’re doing. There are plenty of ways to join in.

One great game is cannon balls. You pretend to be a pirate ship and throw plastic balls from a ball pit at them. Fun for you and for them. Creativity is always the key in these circumstances. Don’t be afraid to play along.

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