The three types of sewer pipe

The sewerage system is the means by which we deal with wastewater, primarily in an urban environment. It mostly deals with the treatment and disposal of human waste, but not exclusively so. Here we will look at the three main types of sewer pipe in use today.

The sanitary sewer pipe.

For all of us, this is the minimum expectation, that our human waste is taken away and dealt with in an efficient and sanitary way with the least environmental impact possible. It has become the mark of civilisation and we take it for granted these days: The pipes in our homes, offices, and factories feed that waste into ever larger pipes and then through pumping stations that carry it away to sewerage treatment plants, where it is chemically treated before being returned to the waterways.

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The storm sewer pipe.

These can be found anywhere that flooding or surface water can create problems, such as urban environments and besides motorways and highways. These are the large grates we see by the kerbside on most roads. The aim is simply to drain off water after heavy rains, melting snow, or storms. The water drains into underground pipes that feed the water away and back into nearby rivers or streams. No human waste is carried by these pipes, only excess surface water.

With the impact of climate change, the upkeep of these pipes has become a priority, with many needing repairing, replacing, or relining. For the methods specialists such as  can explain the intricacies of sewer pipe lining in Wolverhampton and elsewhere.

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The Combination Sewerage System.

While these tend to be out of favour these days due to concerns about their environmental and health implications, they take sewerage and allow rainwater or stormwater from run-off pipes and drains to mix with it before it is fed to a treatment plant via a pumping station, it is then treated and returned to the waterways. The main concern with combination sewer pipes is that during times of excessive rain, they can overflow, releasing untreated sewage into the human environment.

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