Reality television over the years

In the year 2000 a television phenomenon was born. Channel Four’s summer schedule was about to be dominated with a strange new idea. It was a long running 64 day game show that would feature few questions and a lot of embarrassing games. There would be skulduggery and intrigue. Idiocy and guile in equal measure. It was rank attention seeking the likes of which had never been seen before. It was Big Brother. It proved to be incredibly popular but to see it you would have had to have a really good signal via a television aerial. This is where the TV aerial repair Tewkesbury based company would have come in and the same is true today.

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The success of Big Brother was due to a strange fascination with watching people. There was no escape from the cameras, although the producers put in a time delay and muted microphones whenever the housemates began talking about people and public figures outside of the house.

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Soon other stations were beginning to get in on the act. Although it wasn’t 24 hours coverage, the BBC series Castaway 2000 saw a group of people try and build a community from scratch for a year. This also spawned another Channel 4 series where a group of 20 somethings were split into two tribes and had to live on separate desert islands and compete for resources. Ultimately though, it is Popstars and The X factor that have really become the biggest headline grabbers and talent finders.

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