How to keep your integrated washing machine clean

It might seem counterintuitive to  find a way to keep your washing machine clean. It goes through a cycle so surely it is cleaning itself.  However, it’s very easy for particles to be left behind that can cause issues with the washing machine.  If it is not cleaned there is a possibility that mold and other dirt can start to make the washing machine smell. The last thing that you want is for your Bosch WKD28542GB Integrated Washing Machine to become unusable. Here are a few ideas that a supplier like would recommend on how you can keep your washing machine clean and ready to use each time.

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Firstly, don’t be afraid to run a hot wash with nothing in it.  The warmest cycle can generate the perfect environment for cleaning the washing machine without the worry of any clothes present.  Adding a decent washing machine cleaner, or even white vinegar can help remove the buildup of dirt detergent and limescale.  One of the most common areas for the washing machine to become dirty is the detergent draw.  This can be easily removed and cleaned in the sink using hot water and simple soap.  Make sure any clogs  are removed from the draw.

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You should also ensure that you wipe around the seal of the door.  Rubber seals can become notoriously dirty and unpleasant.  There is also a need to clean the filter and make sure it is checked regularly for any blockages.  the most simple thing you can do for keeping a washing machine team is not to overload it when putting it on a cycle.

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