Visiting Ireland and wearing appropriate clothing for the notoriously cold, unpredictable weather.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland, you will have heard about the notoriously cold and unpredictable weather there.  Packing the appropriate clothing so that you can fully embrace your visit to this remarkable country is essential.  A waterproof coat, a comfortable pair of walking boots, three pairs of warm trousers, shirts, jumpers, jackets, waistcoats, scarves, gloves and a traditional irish cap are all necessary items to pack so that not only will you keep warm, you will look the part too, blending in with the friendly locals.

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To wear an Irish Flat cap properly it should sit around the middle of your head, not too far forwards or too far back.  This traditional Irish headwear is also known as a Paddy Cap around the local community, a Bunnet in Scotland, a Dai Cap in Wales and a Flat Cap or English Cap in America. Packing all your clothes carefully and making sure you haven’t forgotten your passport, euro’s, travel documents, maps and a journal to record all your adventures.

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The Irish people are known for their generous hospitality and if you wear appropriate warm clothing you will blend in with the locals and have a wonderful time there. Singing traditional Irish songs and dancing your holiday away, while making some good friends.  Keeping in touch with all your new Irish buddies means you can return to this beautiful Island again to visit them wearing your smart Flat cap and appropriately warm clothing.

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