Make Sure that your Bedroom is Suitable for Sleep

In order to make sure that we are in the best of health, we need to make sure that as well as eating well and exercising, we are also getting a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom plays an important part in getting a good sleep, and your bedroom should support a healthy sleep routine to make sure that you are able to rest well at night.

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First of all, having technology and screens in the bedroom is not recommended. A television, a phone or an iPad will all negatively affect your sleep and could be very disruptive, as they emit a blue light which stimulates your brain and makes it harder for your brain to shut off and get into sleep mode.

Another thing to think about is the temperature of the room – to make sure that you can sleep well, you need to have the right temperature- that’s why sleep in the summer can be so much harder, as the nights are hot and sticky! You also need to ensure that your room is warm enough too – getting curtains made by a professional like this curtain makers Camden based company that fit the window properly and block out light can really help reduce draughts.

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Your bed needs to be comfortable for you to sleep in – make sure that your mattress is suitable – many people who have a poor-quality mattress can suffer from back problems, as well as discomfort at night. Ensure that you also have good quality pillows and plenty of comfortable bedding.

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