An Overview of Double Glazing

Double glazing refers to the construction of windows with double panes of glass. Double glazing is known to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, but it is also an environmentally responsible choice that will help to increase the value of a property. Insulating glass often consists of two or several thin glass sheets separated by an air or gas filled cavity to minimize heat transfer through a portion of the structure envelope. The space between the panes of glass helps to insulate against the warm air outside and cold air inside, thus lowering the heat loss rate within the structure.

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Because double glazing reduces cooling and heating costs, replacing existing windows with double glazed windows ensures that these costs will be minimised. Another issue regarding the construction of this type of window is that it requires the replacement of old windows with new double glazed units. This process can take two to three days, depending on the particular type of window and the complexity of installation and this should always be completed by a professional Double Glazing Hereford company like the one you can find at

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This gap will be measured to the size of the opening of the window so that the panes can be opened and closed with a suitable gap to prevent heat transfer. Panes can be constructed with a gap up to 0.75 inches, although smaller gaps will be more effective than larger ones. The type of insulating material will be selected based on the area in which the windows are located. For example, for the roofing and flooring of a structure, a fiberglass batten is a good choice, while a polyester batten will prove to be more effective at reducing noise.

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