What are Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAV Vehicles, like the ones from Clarke Mobility are designed to help wheelchair users to get out and about in a vehicle.

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They are essentially two types of vehicles:

  1. Those that have a space created at the back that allow for the individual to be wheeled in their chair into the car. This means that they can get in and out of the car much easier than if they have to be lifted from their chair onto the seat and it allows for ease of moving individuals for carers and family members that help them.
  2. Those that have space for the wheelchair user to drive the vehicle themselves. These allow the user to remain in their chair whilst still controlling the vehicle with the use of adapted technology and driver functionalities.

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The vehicles often have similar adaptations that will include an access ramp, wheelchair restraints to prevent the chair from rolling around whilst the car is moving, seat belts that are designed for the safety of the wheelchair users and in some cases the floor is lowered or the roof of the vehicle is raised to help with entry and exit of the car.

There are a number of different WAV vehicles that are available for use and these could be permanent or temporary purchases depending on what your overall needs are. They can also be hired if you are looking to get away on holiday for a while or need to help transport someone for a given period of time.

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