Signs you have a problem with your drains

Keeping your drains flowing smoothly is incredibly important to prevent you from having wastewater, and worse, backing up into your home. Once you have a slow flowing sink or a complete blockage it can be difficult to tell whether this is as a result of a blockage in your pipes or damage somewhere in the system. This is where CCTV Drainage Surveys can help you to identify the problem before you start digging holes in your ground.

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CCTV Drainage Surveys though Wilkinson Environmental can then give you options as to how you then repair any damage that could have occurred, such as using drain lining methods.

Here are some signs that you might have a problem with your drains.

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  • Smell – one of the first indications that you have a problem is an unpleasant smell that rises up from your sink plug hole, or around the drains that are outside your property.
  • Rodents & pests – a broken drain or sewer can become home to a number of pests, in particular rats. It’s true, they really do like sewers. If you have a sudden infestation of rodents around your home you might want to check your drainage systems just in case.
  • Damp & Mould – if this occurs around your internal pipes or near to where your external drainage system flows you might have a blockage or a damaged pipe that might be causing water to collect in one particular area.
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