How to choose a garage door

How to choose a garage door

There are many things to consider when choosing a garage door. From style to function you need to think about all aspects in order to make a practical choice. Read on to look at the types of garage door options available when selecting your garage door.

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There are many options available to you, including automatic garage doors, side hinged doors, roller shutter varieties, sectional doors and ‘up and over’ doors for your garage. Each style has its own advantages and each is more suited to different circumstances.


Automatic garage doors are ideal for the cold weather, as you can simply press a button and the door opens. This lets you drive in and out of your garage with little effort. The door opens via remote control which means this is also safe, as you don’t need to leave your car on a dark night.

Up and Over

‘Up and over’ garage doors are very common and great for those on a budget. These are single panel doors which retract into the garage, making them perfect for smaller driveways, as they free up space on the drive. You can park on the drive or even rent out your driveway for parking thanks to the extra space.

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Side Hinged

Side hinged garage doors are flexible in size and you can get half and half or a two-thirds door. They open outwards, so are practical if you have lots of items in the garage that you don’t want disturbing. Side hinged doors are insulated, secure and attractive, giving easy access to the garage.

Roller Doors

Roller doors let you keep the max amount of space free in your garage and on your drive. They can work with both an automatic and manual operation system, opening vertically into just 10 inches of space. You can park up close without worry of doors opening outwards. When looking for garage door installation Barnet has many experts to choose from, including You will also find installers in other UK cities who can all fit roller doors and other door types.

Sectional Doors

The most sophisticated option, sectional garage doors, is practical and versatile in terms of design. You can open just one door to maintain privacy, and they avoid obstructions by opening outwards. They come in many different sizes and colours for great flexibility.