Should garage doors be insulated?

Should garage doors be insulated?

Insulating your garage door can be vital when it comes to maintaining comfort levels and increasing energy efficiency. Garage door insulation can act as a barrier to cold, heat and sound, and be an essential part of your home or business insulation plans.
Types of insulation

Whether you are looking at services for garage doors Bristol, London, or Glasgow, there are many specialists such as Up and Over Doors Ltd offering various types of insulation. The main options will be polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam.

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Energy efficiency

Think of garage insulation as a type of heat blanket for your home. This is good for your bank balance and the planet as a whole. You can find out more about energy efficiency in the home and its importance for the environment and your bank balance on the Energy Saving Trust’s website here.

Peaceful home

Effective garage door insulation can shut out the noise from a busy street and turn your home into a peaceful oasis. The insulated door provides an acoustic shield that is perfect if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or on a busy road.

Increased durability

Adding the likes of thick polyurethane foam can protect your garage door, cushioning it and making it stronger. This results in a door that is better equipped to deal with wear and tear, helping it to last longer and removing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Protecting contents

Changes in temperature can have an adverse effect on things stored in your garage, but good insulation can help to prevent this. So, whether you want to preserve food or your prized car, insulation can add an extra layer of protection.

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Comfortable surroundings

Garages can be used for all sorts of things these days, from home gyms to offices, and garage door insulation can transform the space into a comfortable haven. It can increase the usability of your garage area, making it more useful than simply somewhere to park your car. It can also ensure that you stay comfortable if you decide to spend longer periods of time there.

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