10 decorating ideas with Christmas lights in your day to day

10 decorating ideas with Christmas lights in your day to day

What do you not know what to do with the Christmas lights after the holidays? Do not worry because today we bring you 10 decorating ideas with Christmas lights to inspire you and not banish them to the storeroom. Because they can still give you a lot of play.

Now that you are about to spend the holidays, and only the last squeeze is left, we leave with some ideas of what you can do with the garlands of lights instead of keeping them in your closet. Surely some inspires you to decorate with them.

Decorating ideas with Christmas lights that can get you out of more than one hurry and also help you create a special climate in any corner of the house. Because the lights are not only for parties, you can also use them in your usual decoration.

Original ideas to decorate with Christmas light

ideas with Christmas lights

If your idea is to highlight the decoration of your home in these holidays, the lights can be an authentic ally. To begin with, because its versatility of forms and models means  that we can play with them in multiple spaces and applications. And, of course, because something has the brightness at Christmas that carries the atmosphere of that magic that is sought when we consider dressing our house for this occasion.

So if you want to go beyond the usual, we propose  four ideas to decorate with Christmas lights that you can adapt to your whim and according to the characteristics of your home. A perfect way for your home to be unique also at Christmas.

To highlight your best memories

We love photos and we love to surround ourselves with them and if it’s stylish, even better. That’s why this idea has fallen in love with us and we’re looking forward to trying it at home. To be always surrounded by our best memories.

And to give prominence to our favorite photos and those moments that we always want to have close, nothing better than a garland of lights. That way they will always shine. A beautiful idea …

On some wooden stairs

decorating ideas with Christmas lights

Some time ago we told you a lot of ideas to recycle wooden stairs and give them a new life. Now we propose that you decorate them with Christmas lights to give them more brilliance and prominence.

You can put them in the entrance of the house or give them a function like keeping the sofa blankets. But be sure that they bring warmth and originality to the corner where you decide to place them.

Create a light curtain

Either inside or outside this idea can serve to turn a soda wall into something very special and without complicating life much. And it is also a versatile idea that can be used both for the hall and for the terrace.

It will bring warmth and will turn the spot where you place it into the center of attention, so you have no excuse not to decorate with them. In this case the more you put, the better, the space will shine and also if they are in even better ways. We are looking forward to trying it!

Both in the dining room and in the living room you can create a special wall but also in your room or in the room of the little ones. You choose the place and the garlands of Christmas lights will do the rest … it’s that easy!

Decorate the windows with Christmas lights

best Christmas lights

Whatever our home, dress with Christmas lights the windows will help us create a warm atmosphere in a simple and striking. For this, in addition to the classic bright garlands, we can opt for others with different shapes: stars, icicles , hearts or snowballs can make a beautiful effect, either before or behind the curtains.

And if what you want is a romantic touch, creating a curtain with Christmas lights can be the perfect accent for our house. It is a striking, simple and elegant detail that will completely change both the appearance of the room and the way of seeing our home from the street.

For a differentiating touch, we can use lights with shapes like these stars that unfold over the window. A perfect way to play with the light and versatility of your Christmas decorations!

Highlight a special object

Surely at home you have some special object, a mirror with a lot of personality, some old doors that you inherited, a very special picture … make it stand out with Christmas lights and the result will surprise you.

Also in the room of the smallest can be a very special or in your room. The mirrors for example are a perfect element to highlight with garlands because there is never enough light to look good.

Mood board with style

top Christmas lights

And we love the mood board and if they are so stylish with good Aguinaldo lights to highlight them … even more! The mood boards are fashionable because in addition to decorating help us to bring our agenda to day and inspire us … and more if you add some lights.

On the railing

A great idea if you have stairs at home is to highlight them with a garland of Christmas lights. In addition to helping us to give more light to a passage area will give us more light when it comes to climbing the stairs.

Create your own Christmas tree with lights

discover Christmas lights

If in your house the question arises when choosing natural or artificial Christmas tree  or, simply, if you do not have space to enjoy it as it deserves, you do not have to give it up. The best option is that you are the one who makes it playing with simple lights and simple supports.

With the help of thumbtacks and a garland of lights we can transform any wall of our house into an original and bright Christmas tree. A helpful way to have this accessory so Christmas, using very basic elements, but no less result son. We can choose between  white or colored lights . A personal choice according to our personal tastes that, in any case, will have a beautiful aesthetic result.

If the decoration of your house follows the maxim of minimalism, you also have no reason not to have your own Christmas tree. In this case, just by appropriating a branch and a garland of Christmas lights we managed to create a unique representation that evokes this holiday in a subtle way, but that can also be part of the decoration of a house at any other time of the year.

For those who seek the accent of the rustic or do not want to give up the decoration of the typical tree, the next option can also be fantastic. We just need a few sticks, a rope and the prop with which we want to give personality to this curious Christmas tree. It is an ecological option and, in addition, it can become a good activity to do with children!

Inside bottles or glass jars

An idea that we had already commented on some occasion and that we love, both for a receiver and for any corner of the house. You can bring originality and light to any part and we can use any type of glass container that we like.

And if you do not have any special containers, you only need to find a glass bottle and you already have a perfect decoration to illuminate a dark corner or to welcome the guests. On the floor or on a small table, the effect will be dazzling and colorful.

If it is also a bottle with special charm or a demijohn, better than better. The effect will be even more beautiful and sure will delight everyone. Do you dare to try it? We have already done it and we love the result.

And you go to decorate with Christmas lights all year? We do, because we love these types of lights and because there is never enough lighting at home. Now that the holidays are over, you have the perfect excuse to put them to the test and discover all their possibilities, so go ahead and try it! We hope that this article has inspired you and that you tell us if you have used them at home and how … we are eager to know! Because even if parties happen, the light does not go out.

Finally, the Christmas lights are part of the atmosphere of this era. A real indication in the streets that Christmas is approaching, but also in the houses. And, at this time, we all started to take out those decoration boxes that we keep the rest of the year to dress our home and wrap it in this colorful and warm environment. Hence, the Christmas lights are almost essential to be able to breathe inside our four walls which is undoubtedly the most endearing time of the year. Far from sticking only to the Christmas tree or, even, to the Bethlehem; the Christmas lights give us a lot of play when it comes to combining with ornamentation. Moving away from the conventional, we can use them to create different and personal environments . An ideal asset for those who want to experience Christmas in their own way, but also for those who seek to differentiate the style of their house from the traditional.


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