Six of the weirdest things sent by courier

Six of the weirdest things sent by courier

Most of the time, things sent by courier are quite normal, but sometimes they can take a bizarre turn. Here are six of the weirdest things sent by courier that will make you raise an eyebrow.

Live Animals

Courier services are usually associated with inanimate objects, but some adventurous souls have attempted to ship live animals. From exotic pets like reptiles and tropical fish to more unconventional choices like crickets or worms, there seems to be no limit to the creatures people are willing to entrust to courier companies.

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Human Organs

In the world of medical emergencies and organ transplants, time is of the essence, and some medical professionals have resorted to using courier services to transport human organs for transplantation.

Giant Inflatables

Courier services such as have seen their fair share of oversized and peculiar shipments. From giant inflatable animals to massive inflatable pizzas, people have found creative ways to surprise their friends or make a statement by sending these larger-than-life objects through the mail.

A Suit of Armour

Shipping a suit of armour might sound like something out of a medieval fantasy, but it has become a reality. Whether it’s a historical artefact or a replica for a themed event, people have entrusted a same day courier Milton Keynes with them.

Human Ashes

Sending a loved one’s ashes by courier might seem unusual, but it’s a poignant way for families to fulfil the last wishes of the departed.

A Single Potato

For those who appreciate the absurd, sending a single potato via courier has become a quirky trend. People have embraced the simplicity of mailing a spud to friends or family as a humorous and unexpected gesture.

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These six examples show the surprising array of items people are willing to entrust to couriers.