10 tips to live in physical and mental balance

10 tips to live in physical and mental balance

The physical and mental balance can be altered by stress or concerns that can damage our health. That is why you have to know how to recover it and keep it. When our day to day is loaded with work, tensions and bad habits our corporal health is not the only one that is affected, but also the emotional one and vice versa.

Therefore, to avoid getting sick, along with the reduction of stress , it is a priority to know how to achieve a physical and mental balance. Maintaining balance or harmony between the entire stress load and providing care for our body and mind is not as difficult as it seems.

Our body manifests that we do not take good care of it and live under stress , through pain in:

  • Head, neck and shoulders
  • Back and hip
  • Hands
  • Calves, ankles and feet

Therefore, to avoid getting sick, along with the reduction of stress , it is a priority to know how to achieve a physical and mental balance.

Maintaining balance or harmony between the entire stress load and providing care for our body and mind is not as difficult as it seems. And in this article we will talk about ten simple tips so as not to lose this balance.

 Simple tips physical and mental balance

#1. Healthy food

best physical and mental balance

The first advice for maintaining good health is to follow a healthy diet .

This must provide our body with the nutrients and proteins necessary to carry out daily activities.

Each person is a world and that includes his body. That’s why it ‘s a good idea to consult with a nutritionist who tells us the right diet.

Try to include in your day to day:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Cereals
  • Water

#2. Exercise

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The second advice to achieve balance is to  maintain an exercise routine , as it provides energy and take care of the body.

It is also a method for:

  • Decrease stress

Calm nerves

  • Give oxygen to the brain
  • Release endorphin

You can practice it in a gym, in a park, at home or anywhere you are comfortable and with the right clothes.

The ideal is to consult an expert on the subject who knows how to indicate an adequate exercise routine for each person.

Although the phrase “if it does not hurt does not work” applies to physical exercise, it seeks to prevent long-term damage.

#3. Rest

More than once it has happened that one has to reveal oneself for work or school tasks.

However, if the sleeplessness and little rest become something everyday, it will worsen our health . That’s why you have to sleep seven to eight hours a day.

When we sleep our brain keeps working, and it fulfills tasks like:

  • Regenerate cells
  • Regulate your temperature
  • Eliminate harmful substances
  • Replenish energy

In this way I rest both the body and the mind. Even sleep helps develop solutions for problems.

#4. Everything in moderation

the physical and mental balance

Not to say that it is ideal to consume fruits and vegetables and you can never eat sweets or junk food.

A balanced diet is healthy for the body, but it is just as good to grant occasional caprice from time to time and, of course, in moderation.

Among these possible whims we find:

  • Sweets
  • Fat
  • Fritters
  • Alcohol
  • Cigars

Give us these little tastes will not keep with good spirit and energy, providing physical and mental balance.

#5. Recreational activities

What s hobbies keep part of our busy time. That period, therefore, we will not dedicate to problems or discomforts.

In this way we keep our body and mind active in something that gives us pleasure. Can be:

  • Playing sports
  • Play an instrument
  • Read
  • Learn a language
  • To draw
  • Walk through the park

There are many hobby options, there is always something new to learn and do. In addition, we can discover talents that remain hidden inside us.

#6. Live with people

Contact with other people is necessary to maintain mental balance , especially with those who are closer. Approaching family and friends will allow us to release tension. Even sharing problems with them helps find solutions and remove emotional weight from the shoulders.

If you have problems do not always have to wait to solve them yourself. By receiving and accepting help we will achieve a balance between our body and mind.

#7. Disconnect from the routine

physical and mental balance

As much as possible, try to do something spontaneous , something that is not marked by your routine.

It may not be easy when one is governed by certain limits of time or money but, whenever you can, do it.

Either a short trip or an appointment to the spa to receive a massage: something that helps us to renew the physical and mental energy.

#8. Future plans

Setting goals and small projects will help us maintain the balance between our body and mind. This serves as a motivating element to get ahead of the problems. It will also provide self-confidence and personal satisfaction.

#9. Avoid negative thoughts

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It is very important, not get carried away by negative things . Everyone has problems, nobody is exempt from it. However, that does not mean you have to fill your mind with depressing ideas and self-pity. Remember that for every problem there is a solution. And that, at the end of the storm, calm always arrives. Maintaining a positive attitude and sense of humor is beneficial. If necessary, do not hesitate to seek help, be it with family, friends or a psychologist.

#10. Listen and help others

Our physical and mental balance can also be maintained when we are supportive and help others. This will allow us to feel better with those around us and with ourselves. In addition, it will provide our mind with energy to support others. It can even show that we are not the only ones with difficulties, so we will see our problems from new perspectives. These are some tips with which we can maintain physical and mental balance. We must strive to live to the fullest, without being overwhelmed by the problems .

Tricks to exercise our physical and mental balance

tips to live in physical and mental balance

  • Relax and close your eyes, dream that we are in a nice place, letting ourselves be invaded by a feeling of peace and tranquility.
  • Do not allow negative thoughts to be with us
  • Enjoy everything in its time
  • Doing some exercise will help reduce anxiety
  • The practice of a hobby, in addition to keeping our brain busy, will provide balance to our lives
  • Posing goals in the short term, and fulfilling them because that will give us confidence in ourselves and satisfaction
  • Helping others will make us feel better and more balanced.
  • Let’s learn to take care of ourselves by eating well, taking a good walk, reading a good book, etc.
  • Talk, discuss our problems, that will help us to release tensions.
  • To keep us healthy and balanced there is nothing better than a little sense of humor.

Finally, our current lifestyle, loaded with pressures and tensions, has a very high impact on our physical and mental balance , also affecting people in their emotional balance. Some have become accustomed to maintaining such a state of stress and tension, that they do not even consider the possibility of being able to do activities that allow them to release ballast . Others, on the other hand, yearn to escape from routine but, if something characterizes the time in which we have to live, is that everything happens too quickly, which prevents us from adapting to its rhythm. That’s when our adjustment suffers generating, even, agitation and feelings of anguish and insecurity.

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