Clothing essentials for every woman’s wardrobe

Clothing essentials for every woman’s wardrobe

Whether you are planning a complete style refresh or looking to increase your options for building timeless outfits, there are some essentials that all women should have hanging in their wardrobe. These timeless pieces are the key to good style and will help you to put together chic looks in no time.

Having great quality and stylish staple pieces that you use time and time again is also a good move to reduce your carbon footprint, with more awareness of the link between fast fashion and climate change than ever before. Having go-to pieces can also reduce the pressure on your wallet and your time, as you will rely less on trend-led pieces.

Let’s take a look at the essentials you need to build a great wardrobe:

A white shirt

Dressed down with jeans or up with a pencil skirt or formal trousers, the white shirt is a failsafe classic. Choose a style that fits your body type.

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A blazer

A black, camel or statement colour blazer adds structure and a chic semi-formal edge to relaxed looks.


Finding the perfect jeans can be like the holy grail; however, once you find them, they are the gift that keeps on giving. Lighter blue tends to go with most outfits, but the most important consideration is comfort.

A classy sweater

A sweater or jumper is a must-have for most outfits, either as a key part of your ensemble in cooler seasons or stored in a chic bag to be brought out later for those cooler summer evenings. Opt for a classic knit in a natural fibre, such as womens Irish sweaters from shops such as, as they will age and wash well.

White trainers

Although white can be a little impractical, a white trainer goes with everything and is a simple way to dress down a blazer or a dress. It is worth investing in a classic shape that is also comfortable.

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A leather bag

Long-lasting and practical, a stylish leather bag is a must-have with any outfit.