Sports Camp For Children: How To Choose And Not Make A Mistake

Sports Camp For Children: How To Choose And Not Make A Mistake

Unstoppable energy and mobility are necessary for children for proper development: the formation of posture and muscle strengthening. The best way to do this is to play sports. And if the child is soon on vacation, then a sports camp is ideal for rest and training. The main thing is to find a suitable one.

For what to go to the sports camp

The sports camp has a lot of advantages. Classes in it develop sports skills, endurance, strengthen the body and immunity. If a child goes camping for the first time, he will master new sports equipment and try himself in various sports.

Competitions will show him how to overcome difficulties, increase self-esteem. And teamwork will teach communication and mutual assistance. Over time, these skills will be transferred to other areas, the child will be more confident and purposeful.

In addition, he will make new friends, rest and return with a lot of impressions. And if he goes to a foreign camp, he will still learn a foreign language.

Sports Camp For Children: How To Choose And Not Make A Mistake

Types of sports camps

Here, children are engaged in a specific sport, and occupations are led by a professional trainer. Most often experienced athletes go there to improve their skills. Some camps take beginners, where they are taught the basics of sports discipline, be it snowboarding or downhill skiing.

General sports camp

In this camp are different sports. The child can choose volleyball, windsurfing, mountaineering, or all at once. The purpose of the multisport camp is to get acquainted with different disciplines and overall physical development. They should send children who want to improve their health and understand what kind of sport they like.

International Sports Camp

In addition to the development of sports skills, the international camp helps to pull up a foreign language. And also make friends from different parts of the world and learn new things about the culture of the country. And sometimes even practice with famous coaches.

So, one of the most famous football clubs, Barcelona, organizes football schools for children from all over the world. In FC Barcelona Camp, children are taught tactics, technology and even proper nutrition. True, such a camp is not cheap: the price depends on the city and duration. A week at the home stadium in Spain will cost $ 2395. Keep reading THE NEED FOR CHELATED MINERALS IN SPORTS NUTRITION

From what age

In the sports, the camp is usually taken for 7 years. Children under 10 years old are not involved in challenging sports: they play football, hockey, and fish. Age is also determined by the complexity of the program in the camp.

Do not worry if your child is just getting acquainted with sports. Upon arrival, children are divided into groups depending on age and physical fitness.

Sports Camp For Children: How To Choose And Not Make A Mistake

How to choose a camp

When choosing a camp, pay attention to a few points:

  • Types of sports sections and equipment. If the list includes mountaineering, which your child wants to do, look for a climbing wall and equipment for practice. Read how children’s leisure activities are organized: joint games, creative workshops, and recreational activities in the evenings.
  • Here you should pay attention to the formal aspects: does a child need special sports or physical training? And from what age they take to the camp.
  • Usually, children are fed in canteens according to the approved menu, 4–5 times a day. Meals should be varied and vitaminized.
  • Children are accommodated in buildings, in the rest of the territory, there are sports fields, a medical unit, a canteen. If the camp is large, it can have its own equipped beach. The camp is most often located in an ecologically clean place, away from any business. For the safety of children the area is fenced and has a checkpoint.
  • Pedagogical and medical staff. From the counselors and coaches will depend on the program of training and additional activities. Most often, they love their job and know what to do. Starting with an introductory briefing and ending with the organization of a holiday bonfire on the last evening of the shift.
  • The cost of vouchers and surcharges. Find out what is included in the price and what you need to pay extra. Do I need to take out medical insurance and pay for the road? Whether the equipment is issued on site or you need to carry it with you.
  • Reviews look for news about the camp in search engines. Look through social networks, discussions and photo albums. Ask around friends who gave the child to this camp. Agree, it is good to know that the children are busy, they drink fresh milk and every year they ask again to send them to friends and their favorite counselors.

It is also important to study the legal documentation. Choose a camp that meets the requirements of regulatory documents. The camp should also have a program with a prescribed plan of activities and trips.

Sports Camp For Children: How To Choose And Not Make A Mistake

Seasons in the sports camp

Seasons in the camp are divided into winter and summer. In the winter shift, children skiing, skating, can feel like real biathletes. In the summer, water competitions such as swimming, rafting, and water skiing are added to the traditional games. In addition to them, there are year-round camps.

More shifts vary in subject matter. For example, the entire race may be devoted to the theme of the Olympic Games. Throughout the time, teams participate in competitions, earn marks and compete for leadership in the overall standings. Children will learn the history and traditions of the Olympiad, and in the end, prepare a presentation for its closure.


Sports camp is a place where children learn to overcome difficulties, enjoy the victory of the team, and then return home with impressions that last a whole year. The main thing is that everything should be right from the start. And the chess player was not in the camp for athletes.

For this, it is worth considering his hobbies and temperament. After all, if he does not like it, you will have to go after him in the middle of a shift. But if he is delighted, he will return healthy and rested. And, perhaps, he will find a sport that will become for him something more than a simple hobby.