Top 5 Most Expensive Sports For Children

Top 5 Most Expensive Sports For Children

Any parent wants to see their child in the future successful, strong and realized. And in the head of responsible moms and dads, a lot of questions arise: “What kind of sport should I give my child? What will make him famous? How much does it cost? ”And others. And everyone knows about the most “noble” and expensive sports, which are likely to rank the grown child, not only in the sports world but also in a particular community. Today we will talk about the most expensive sports for children.

Professional sports always require considerable expenses. In order to grow a champion, parents have to invest not only temporary and psychological costs but also money (often very large). There are sports that do not require large financial investments from parents. But there are also sports that amaze the minds of moms and dads of future champions with their financial needs. To be fair, the fees from the professionals in these sports are amazing.

Here the 5 most expensive sports for children.

Top 5 most expensive sports for children

Auto racing

Without a doubt, auto racing is the most expensive and very beautiful sport. Leading racers receive fabulous fees, and billions of dollars are spent on providing tracks, cars, and events.

It is not difficult to guess that raising a champion in this sport is worth a lot of money. The cost, maintenance, and service of the map, training, rental of the track, as well as equipment – all this falls on the shoulders of the parents of the young rider.

The purchase of a used car for a child may require 2 thousand Dollars, and a new card will cost at least 3 thousand Dollars. It should be noted that the child will have to regularly attend various competitions. With the growth of an athlete grows and needs: you need a new motor, more frequent workout, another card, frequent trips to competitions. The cost of such a sport for parents will be at least 200 thousand Dollars per year. Keep reading THE DANGERS OF IRON DEFICIENCY IN CHILDREN

Top 5 most expensive sports for children

Horseback Riding

Equestrian sport is another of the most spectacular and expensive sports. In addition to buying a great horse, parents will have to fork out for its maintenance. The cost of a suitable horse often exceeds the cost of a professional card for a young rider. Special equipment and participation in competitions will also pull money from the pockets of parents.

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Top 5 most expensive sports for children


Next, in the line of expensive sports, you can see sailing.

Incredible amounts are spent on the purchase of the content of the sailboat itself. Today the vessel for sailing is made from materials that are used in the manufacture of spacecraft. An important criterion for estimating the cost is the process of designing and developing a sailing ship.

A young sailing athlete should be provided with everything necessary, and then he may reach the level of professional yachtsmen. And their fees are equal to millions of dollars. Parents should be prepared for constant trips for practical training and competition, which requires a serious annual budget.

Top 5 most expensive sports for children


The fees of leading hockey players average $ 10 million. In this sport for a long time determining the leaders: Canada and Russia. And this is great news for the parents of young hockey athletes in our native country. After all, their chance to become sought-after professionals is much higher than that of children from other countries. An advantage can be called the fact that free hockey schools operate in Russia today.

Each season will have to spend on new equipment, the purchase of which, according to the most conservative estimates, will cost parents 250 Dollars. And this price does not include the cost of the clubs since the young hockey player can break about 10-20 clubs in one season. But if your kid is interested in leading sports schools and will be included in the number of promising juniors, then from 11–13 years old his support will be transferred to the shoulders of the state.

Top 5 most expensive sports for children


Tennis is a well-known record holder among sports in terms of cost and fees. The annual income of the leading tennis players is more than $ 25 million. Tennis gained such fame thanks to its fabulous prize pools. To grow a professional in this sport will be a difficult and expensive test for parents.

And the thing this time is not in equipment. Success in tennis (and not only in it) comes with the presence of talent, perseverance and regular training. An hour of individual lessons can cost about 50 Dollars And at the age of 7, the child will need 4 workouts a week for 1–1.5 hours each.

A good experience for the future champion will be training in a foreign tennis school. A week of such a trip can cost 750 Dollars, not including the flight. If parents want to send their children to school for the whole school year, then they will have to pay at least 9000 Dollars only for playing tennis. About 750 Dollars will go to stay, as well as about 6000 Dollars for the school program.


Talents of children need to be developed – every parent knows that. It is very good when a child has a pronounced talent and a great desire to engage in a specific sport. It should always be remembered that any development in professional sports requires financial investments. And before you give your child to the section of tennis, hockey or sailing, you should honestly assess your financial capabilities and think over everything in advance.