Do It Yourself Wall Painting

Do It Yourself Wall Painting

Art painting the walls – perhaps one of the oldest types of interior decoration, used in ancient Rome and Greece. Medieval frescoes still adorn the interior of cathedrals, theaters, and palaces. Modern methods of wall painting have gone far ahead since the times of Michelangelo and Rubens, but until recently no one has been in a hurry to decorate the walls of apartments or public premises.

Fortunately, the fashion for painting in the interior has returned, but the services of professionals are still expensive. Despite the new paint application technology, handicraft is highly valued. What is the way out of the situation, if there is a desire to decorate the walls of the apartment with handmade paintings, and there are not enough funds for elite repairs with the author’s design? Experts believe that the simplest techniques of artistic painting can be mastered without proper preparation by completing the design of the walls with your own hands. However, for starters, it is worthwhile to understand the variety of modern techniques; the paints used and study the works of professionals.

Do it yourself wall painting

Modern wall painting techniques in the interior

Speaking of modern technology, we mean all the techniques used by current masters, including old-fashioned recipes. Therefore, the list of methods of artistic painting includes the following areas:

  1. Fresco. This is an old technology that was used in the Renaissance. The term is translated as painting on wet plaster, thanks to which colors acquire depth and saturation, and drawings – volume and realism. Such paintings are durable and are objects of art.
  2. Alsekko – painting on dry plaster.
  3. Airbrush – the creation of a pattern using an airbrush, apparatus, applying paint under air pressure. This method allows you to perform surprisingly realistic and voluminous images due to the finest modulations of shades and semitones.
  4. Sgraffito is a technique of scraping a picture after applying two layers of primer: first black and then white.
  5. Grisaille – painted in gray-black and white, using all possible shades of gray.

Do it yourself wall painting

To create wall paintings using oil, tempera and acrylic paints. Patinating with special compositions and tools gives the effect of antiquity to a beautiful wall panel. Tempera paints are mixed with acrylic to produce thin, translucent images. Keep reading how to paint bubbles.

Venetian plaster, a special paste based on marble dust, is applied as a basis for the frescoes, applying it in several layers. Such a painting in the interior looks voluminous and seems to glow from the inside. But if you need truly glowing pictures and exotic design, order the master a picture painted with fluorescent dyes. They glow in the dark with reflected light; they can have several colors and look just fantastic, as in the photo below.

Do it yourself wall painting

Painting the walls of apartments with their own hands

It is believed that novice acrylic paints are ideal for novice artists and people who start painting walls in an apartment for the first time. They are easily diluted with water, mixed, applied, absolutely harmless, almost no smell and dry quickly. Before applying the pattern, the wall must be leveled, sanded, coated with a primer and paint. The primer will strengthen the surface, prepare it, the paints will go to bed better and last longer.

Step-by-step instruction

Before starting work, you need to prepare everything you need: paints, brushes, roller, pencils, varnish, solvents, and containers for liquids.

  1. Prepare a sketch, preferably on a sheet of the same color as the wall.
  2. Transfer to the wall the main drawing, more precisely, its contours, pencils or crayons, which are easily erased. If you do it for the first time, cell marking and meticulous transfer of sketch details to square wall sections will help. An alternative option is a slide aimed at the wall with the help of a projector, the outlines of which will serve as the basis for a painting.
  3. Mix and dilute acrylic paints immediately before application, as they dry very quickly. The consistency should resemble sour cream of average fat content.
  4. Start with painting light and voluminous, background areas, leave small details on the “sweet”.

Do it yourself wall painting

Stenciled Painting

A stencil is a loyal assistant to newbie’s who dream of painting the walls with their own hands. On sale, there are special plastic, film stencils with various patterns, subjects, and motifs. In addition, you can always order an individual layout to create a beautiful exclusive painting in the interior of an apartment, office, office or bedroom. The stencil can be printed out on a printer by enlarging the image found on the web and dividing it into small A4 details.

The stencil is attached to the wall with a special film or paper tape, and then the paint is applied with a roller or brush on the areas marked in advance. But stencils have an alternative that does not require the ability to own a brush. These are vinyl stickers, wall stickers of many colors, sizes, style, and plots. They are easily glued to even and smooth surfaces, and if desired, they can be easily removed from the walls.

Do it yourself wall painting

Styles and scenes for wall painting different rooms

The most difficult thing at the preparation stage is the choice of the plot, style, and location of the drawing. Experienced interior designers have no difficulty with this, but lovers will have a hard time. The future picture should fit perfectly into the interior of the room, in harmony with its furniture, lighting, size, color parameters and purpose.

The use of artistic painting in design can solve many problems. The frescoes and panels bring a special mood and personality to the interior, they are able to divert attention from shortcomings, visually resize and give volume to the room. Novice artists should pay attention to small and simple paintings, floral patterns, and abstract drawings. Let your painting be the highlight of the room design, its main accent, without occupying the whole wall.

Do it yourself wall painting

Traditionally scenes with still lifes, products, dishes are used in the design of kitchens and dining rooms. Children’s rooms can be decorated with images of fabulous colors, castles, the starry sky, cartoon characters. Accent painting of the wall above the sofa, near the TV, floral motifs will be appropriate in the living room. Murals and airbrushing with a three-dimensional and 3D-effect will help push the walls apart. Pictures with the perspective of urban streets, forest paths, seascapes in niches, piers, living rooms and hallways limited by the decor look great. For the bedroom are relevant calm patterns, flowers, animals, as well as glowing in the dark gentle romantic pictures.

Do it yourself wall painting

The style of the room also matters. For classical, baroque, neoclassicism, paintings with Italian landscapes, scenes of famous myths, and frescoes are characteristic. Pastoral paintings with blooming lawns are appropriate in Provence; pop art requires posters with portraits of Hollywood divas. In the apartments in the Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau style, pictures with flowers, elegant patterns, ornaments look great, painting in a watercolor or abstract key will decorate the interior in the spirit of minimalism or hi-tech. Explore the works of ancient and modern masters of art painting, choose plots and style and create an exclusive design of the walls with beautiful frescoes, patterns and art panels with your own hands!

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