How to Best Organise Your Van

How to Best Organise Your Van

Organising your van is incredibly important, since if it is even a little cluttered, your productivity will nosedive and you could be losing money due to wasted time.

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If you need a few pointers on how to make sure that your van is organised effectively and is also easy to keep in this state, read on for some invaluable advice.

Position Everything Logically

A lot of thought should go into how you store objects in the back of your van, whether you are lugging around equipment or handling cargo.

Make sure you have room for the bulkiest items lower down, since you will want these to remain safe and stable during transit as well as improve accessibility to them and avoid injury during manoeuvring.

It also helps to have a means of protecting the underlying vehicle by investing in Speedliner, which is sold on sites such as If weighty kit shifts about or spills occur, the van will remain unscathed.

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Install Storage

An unaltered panel van is an empty husk just begging to be filled with shelving and other storage solutions to make organisation a breeze.

Van racking can act as the framework, allowing you to add drawers, restraints and other useful fittings that will not only keep everything in check while the vehicle is in motion but also make it much easier to find what you are looking for when you get to your destination.

Do not forget to optimise your use of the cargo area by harnessing the roof space. Tall, narrow racking can often be more efficient, so long as you can safely reach the higher shelves and keep lighter objects above head height to limit risks.

Add Illumination

Sometimes the reason that vans get so messy is that the interior is dark, dingy and cavernous, so it feels acceptable to just chuck equipment into it without really thinking. With lighting installed, this becomes much less appealing and there will be no need to scrabble around blindly trying to find that one tool or component you need.

The cheapest and most flexible lighting option is a portable work light, so fit a suitable bracket that will allow you to attach it and use it in the van – then remove it and take it with you for even more convenience.