Choosing the best bedroom windows

Choosing the best bedroom windows

The bedroom is a vital but often neglected room in your house. You start and end every day in there and it should be a haven where you can escape from the world. Bedrooms are great rooms to personalise and there are many options to choose from when it comes to bedroom windows.

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According to the Energy Saving Trust triple glazed and energy saving windows can help you make significant savings on your heating bills.

No-one likes a cold and draughty bedroom, so choosing the best windows is important.

Here are some ideas for you to think about:

Double hung and casement windows

When you are looking for replacement bedroom windows Gloucester has many options for you to choose from such as However, most window suppliers will tell you that the most popular choices for the bedroom are double hung windows and casement windows. They suit both children’s and adults’ bedrooms.

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Double hung windows have two operating sashes so there are plenty of options for controlling ventilation in all weathers. The double-glazed units will keep you nice and warm in the winter but will allow a cool breeze to enter in the summer months.

They can be provided with staggered ventilation latches. These will stop the windows from being opened too far and are an added safety feature, especially in children’s rooms.
Casement windows are a popular alternative and do a good job of providing ventilation. They are provided with a hand crank which opens the window as far as you need it.

Bay and bow windows

If you have some spare wall space in your bedroom, bay and bow windows are a great option. They do take up quite a lot of wall space but it is worth it. They usually have at least three units of windows and some can be opened.

They are very aesthetically pleasing and let in a great deal of light from three directions. They can turn your bedroom into a great place to relax and read.

They suit a child’s bedroom well especially if you create a window seat with storage for all those books and toys. They make an attractive place to show off pictures and plants and are lovely to dress up with curtains or blinds.