Reasons Why People Extend their Homes

Choosing to extend your home rather than move is a popular choice – if you love where you live it makes sense to go down the extension route, with he help of a professional such as this house extensions Solihull based company – here are a few reasons why people extend their homes…

Having an Elderly Relative Move in -Having an elderly relative move in with you is definitely a reason that you would want to consider a home extension. Making sure both you and they are happy and comfortable with plenty of space of your own is important. Many people opt for a granny annexe as the whole thing can be at ground level which is much better for people who may have mobility problems.

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A New Child – A new child takes up a lot of space, and whether you already have kids and another one would make the house a bit too cramped or this is your first, this is a good time to consider extending. Maybe you want to add an extra bedroom, such as converting your loft, or perhaps making a bit of space for the kids to play whilst you work and adding on a playroom are two options of how to extend a home to accommodate children.

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Needing More Space for Work – Working from home has been something that most people have had to adapt to at some point this year, and whether you wanted to make it something that you do permanently, or if you are setting up your own business you will want plenty of room to be able to work comfortably.

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