Top things to do in Bath this month

Bath is a beautiful city with much to offer to visitors. It dates back to the time of the Romans, who developed it as a spa city.

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To find out more about Bath, the only city in the UK to be designated a UNESCO world heritage site, look at the information on their website at:

Here are some ideas for some memorable ways to spend time in Bath:

Roman thermal baths

See at first hand how Bath’s first residents spent their leisure time in the baths themselves, but there are also some interactive displays to bring it to life. At the end of your tour there is even the opportunity to drink some thermal water.

Thermae Bath Spa

This opened in 2006 and is a rooftop pool with spa treatments available. There are no membership fees; you can just go for a swim or indulge yourself in a day of luxurious treatments.

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Walking tours

Much of Bath’s splendour is in its buildings as seen from the outside. Everyone has heard of the Royal Crescent, the Circus and Great Pulteney Bridge, but there is so much more. You can buy or download a walking map to see more of these sights.

A literary angle

Bath is famous for Jane Austen, who lived there between 1801 and 1806. You can find out more at the Jane Austen Centre.

The Bath Skyline Walk

This starts a short distance from the city centre. The route is through meadows, valleys and woodlands. Six miles in total, it is not obligatory to complete it.

Afternoon tea

There are many delightful teashops in Bath, as is to be expected, but don’t miss its two most famous buns, the Sally Lunn and the Bath Bun.


Of particular note is the building of Bath Museum. It has some detailed models on display, and celebrates the men who transformed this provincial town into a world-famous Georgian spa.

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Pulteney Bridge

This is one of three bridges in the world with shops on both sides. Designed by Robert Adam, it has an elegant horseshoe-shaped weir.