Five innovative trends in office design

Workspaces have changed over recent years; gone are the drab offices with worn carpet tiles and rows of ugly desks. Businesses have realised an aesthetically pleasing office environment can be inspiring and boost productivity. We explore five trends in office design which can ensure an exceptional workspace.

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With the increasing use of online storage, offices do not necessarily now need the filing cabinets and storage facilities that were once required. Removing these creates space and can completely change the feel of the workspace. Experienced office fit out companies create spacious, uncluttered workspaces which allow for greater flexibility.


Introducing colour into the office can not only liven up the area but can also be functional and enhance company branding. Dreary neutral offices are behind us, as companies now want to introduce colour schemes which can reflect the style of the company, vivid shades for a contemporary, vibrant company, or company colours to enhance the brand. With an increasing number of offices converting to open plan style, colour can also be functional. Colour can be used to separate areas or sections of the space which have different uses or purposes.

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With the increase of flexible working, it is important for workspaces to be flexible too and office fit out companies aim to create multipurpose spaces. Mobius at work are one of the leading office fit out companies in the UK and companies such as these create workspaces equally suitable for conducting meetings, presentations or creative sessions as they are for everyday working. Providing varying working options is also beneficial and by creating a space with options such as pods, benches, individual desks, sofas, etc., employees can have choice over the way they work, which in turn can boost mood and productivity.


Adding plants into the workspace can help to improve air quality and have psychological benefits to workers – Benefits include improved mood, reduced stress levels, increased worker productivity, increased reaction speeds in computer tasks, improved attention span. Offices without windows would benefit most from including plants.


Recently companies have realised the importance of mindfulness in the workplace. By providing informal lounge areas, companies can allow their employees to feel relaxed and calm. Including areas with comfortable furniture, soft textures and some open space can promote wellbeing and contribute to a calmer environment and workforce.