Working with Employment Solicitors

Employment Solicitors offer valuable advice and information regarding employment law, including the European Employment directive, European Working Time Directive, National Insurance Payments System and the Citizen’s bill. Many of these employment solicitors also work as Employment advisors, giving them an insight into the changes that may be happening within an organization. They can help unemployed people to look for work, they can represent their interests in the Employment Tribunal, and they can give advice about training opportunities, training contracts, redundancy packages, employment law changes and more.

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Employment Solicitors, like the ones from Employment Law Friend can handle a wide range of disputes, such as employment discrimination claims, unfair dismissal claims, pregnancy leave claims, dismissal issues, harassment claims and more. They can even help people with criminal records or past convictions get re-employed, and can provide support in court proceedings. They can also prepare documents and paperwork for these purposes and make sure they are legally acceptable. There are lots of different employment solicitors out there – you need to make sure you choose a firm that is experienced, has strong cases, has a reputation for fairness, and can handle all of your employment law related issues.

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Employment Solicitors can also give employment solicitors strong legal advice on all aspects of employment law. This includes the national Minimum Wage, employer obligations to employees, employee rights, redundancy, maternity and paternity, equal opportunity in the workplace, discrimination and more. They can also give you valuable advice on issues like paternity, redundancy and dismissal, and even advice on claiming back sick pay and other benefits that you are entitled to. If you have been unfairly dismissed, an employment solicitor can help you get the compensation you deserve to help you put your mind at ease.


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