Why you should invest in a website for your small business

All small business owners know the importance of marketing their businesses and doing this consistently. Having a website designed by a company like http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk who are web designers in Reading is a great way to not only make sure that you are taking your piece of the web traffic searching for your products and services online but also to provide your customers and potential customers with a way to not only check that you are a legitimate business but also to provide them with a gallery of information to look through when deciding to use your services.

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A website gives you the chance to display your products if you are working in an ecommerce way and if you are a service provider it enables you to highlight the services that you offer, maybe give examples of your work if it is appropriate and also showcase any testimonials you may have from happy and satisfied customers and clients. Having a web presence is also something that customers are starting to expect, and it is thought that around 6 out of every 10 people will expect to be able to find a company’s website. It is also thought that more than half of people who are interested in a particular company will as a first port of call head to the company’s website.

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Your potential customers also use your website as a way to obtain social proof about the business. This means gauging the thoughts of others on your business and recent statistics have shown that around 90 percent of people will use testimonials and reviews about a business as a way to make a decision on whether or not they should use that business. You can provide social proof for your customers by including testimonials and reviews somewhere on your site. The location of these testimonials will depend on your type of business. If you are service based, you may include a rolling slider of testimonials at the bottom of your home page or perhaps have a page dedicated to them. However, if you are a product-based company and operating in an ecommerce way you may want to include the testimonials and reviews somewhere on the page relating to that particular product.

Having a blog page on your website and regularly posting articles allows you to not only establish yourself as an expert in your field but also create a story surrounding your business and allow others to see your mission statement and business values.

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