What To Do After The Engagement?

Just told you’re beloved cherished YES? Congratulations, there is an interesting way to prepare for the wedding of your dreams! But keep in mind – it is not always simple, but the success of an event often depends on how you enter it. We tell what needs to be done immediately after the engagement, and for the time being, refrained from. Spoiler – no action!

What to do after the engagement

  • Exhale Enjoy these days, enjoy the status of the bride and create a family with the man of your dreams. Do not rush to start training immediately, but spend at least a week enjoying such an important change in your life. And, of course, admire the new decoration: a wedding ring!
  • After the engagement, tell your relatives about it. If for now, you want to keep this event a secret, do not tell anyone about it. And certainly, you should not post photos with a ring on the social network or chat to your girlfriends before your parents found out about everything. Believe me, there is nothing more unpleasant for dad and mom than hearing about the changes in the life of her daughter from strangers.
  • Subscribe to the main sites and blogs about weddings, it will help look at what is happening in the wedding world. After a short time, you will understand what opportunities are offered for the celebrations and will be able to make informed decisions.

What To Do After The Engagement?

  • After the engagement with the bridegroom, decide what time of year you want to get married and think about in what month this could happen. It is important to create a landmark to move on, but not to choose a specific date before the site is selected. It often happens that the dream restaurant on the right day is busy, but is ready to open its doors for you a week later. Finding a suitable place for a wedding is not easy, so you should consider the possibility of changing the date in order to adjust to the place you like if necessary. When planning, leave enough time for preparation – we recommend laying 5-6 months, this is a normal period for self-organizing a wedding at a brisk pace.
  • Calculate how much money you are willing to spend on a celebration. This is an important question that you must answer at the start; the budget will determine many decisions. A cool wedding can be organized for any money, but you need to immediately understand your possibilities. Important principles: a themed wedding will be more expensive than a holiday without a clear concept, a wedding abroad is likely to be more expensive.

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What To Do After The Engagement?

  • Dream: what kind of wedding do you want? What have they always represented? The time after an engagement is optimal to realize what it is, the wedding of your dreams. Do not skip this item, referring to a small budget! Only by understanding what an ideal holiday should be, you will embody it in reality.
  • Start collecting your favorite ideas on Pinterest, Instagram or on your computer, but don’t get carried away: brides often drown in hundreds of beautiful pictures and cannot decide which direction to go and what to choose. Pay attention to the latest wedding trends, they come across interesting thoughts.

What To Do After The Engagement?

What not to do after the engagement

  • No arrangements! Do not book the first suitable restaurant, because it is free, do not agree with the photographer, decorator, and other contractors. Allow yourself to look at the wedding market, understand how much money you are willing to spend on one or another aspect of the celebration and make an informed choice. Hasty decisions will bring disappointment.
  • While not proceed with the detailed planning and action. First, look around, think about the date, budget and the idea of ​​celebration.
  • Do not buy a wedding dress immediately after engagement. Even if this is the same dream dress from Vera Wang, which you dreamed of for several years every night. First, go shopping, try on different styles and colors (yes, a white outfit is no longer necessary!) It may be that you will be stunning in a dress that was not paying attention.
  • Do not invite guests immediately after the betrothal. Yes, you are happy and ready to share it with the whole world, but do you really want to invite the whole world to your holiday? Be cautious in conversations with colleagues, distant relatives and school friends with whom you rarely communicate – these categories are the first to fall under the “reduction” when the budget is limited, so do not make promises. You can get away from direct questions elegantly by brushing aside: “Oh, we haven’t even started planning anything yet.” Invite people only after you draw up the final guest list with your fiancé.

What To Do After The Engagement?

  • After the engagement, there is a great temptation to speak with the groom only about the wedding. In the first couple of weeks, it’s nice, but then it will be a source of additional stress for both of you. As soon as you notice signs of irritation in yourself or a loved one, forget about preparing for a couple of days.
  • You shouldn’t overload your family and friends with planning details – do you want them to happily wait for the wedding rather than roll their eyes at the sight of you, knowing that in the next three hours the conversation will be only about the banquet menu?
  • Do not make important decisions about marriage without the groom. Even if he says that all this is not important to him is not true. Discuss the main issues together.

Do not be too demanding of yourself after the engagement! Enjoy the new status and give yourself time to look at what is happening around.

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