What music apps can you have for your phone.

In the old days if you wanted to own a piece of music then you had to go to a record shop and purchase it. This format was relatively unchanged for about 50 years with the only thing that changes significantly being the format it came in namely record, tape, then CD. However the internet has changed all of that and in the digital age downloading is the new thing. There are a variety of ways that you can receive music on your phone. You will need a decent one before you embark on this and a visit to a Vodafone Store Ireland should help with that.

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  1. Spotify. This is the trailblazer for the streaming service and the first one to establish itself after the outlawed Napster. It offers a huge range of music in all genres including podcasts and the spoken word. Spotify is cheaper and can be had for free but it is laden with adverts, suggested tracks suddenly inserted and no option to skip.
  2. Apple Music. With a similar sizable catalogue to Spotify, Apple Music offers the same. Both have the ability for you to build and even submit a playlist and there is a comprehensive history of the bands and artists on there (but not in all cases). Apple Music can be spread over several devices whereas Spotify is only on one.

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  1. Youtube. Having the added advantage of featuring the music video as well (although some of the systems above also do this) Youtube is free but has adverts. People have put whole albums on but the quality is not always perfect.

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