What is Dementia and its types.

Dementia is a condition of the brain that can affect anyone and everyone. It has no boundaries when it comes to age, your current health or your standing in society. Currently there is no cure to the condition and it is not known how or why we can get it.

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Put simply dementia is a condition where the  brain is affected. It can be severely limiting to  your ability to function as opposed to a person who is well. Those who have it need to have Live in Dementia carers like those at https://www.liveincare.com/services/live-in-dementia-carers/ and other health support. Sadly, it is an illness that is terminal but it is generally believed that certain changes to lifestyles can have a positive effect and may contribute to helping avoid its onset.

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Dementia takes on the form of 4 different types. Most people are aware of the first and the most widely experienced type of Alzhiemers.  Here the brain shrinks creating blocks on the brain’s normal ability to function. After this is the Vascular type. This can occur after the onset of a stroke. The third is the appearance of Lewy bodies which are abnormal proteins that have a debilitating effect on brain cells. Finally there is the Frontal Temporal which is the most common in those below 65. It can come about after trauma to the head.

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