What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is a process used to create objects by using three dimensional printers. This technology is used in the production of metal, plastic, silicone and even ceramics. The concept behind this printing is that the plastic is loaded into the nozzle which is shaped by the heated curative agents which will then be sprayed onto the particular layer of plastic. The layers are fused together with the help of an electrical charge, resulting in the creation of what we call three-dimensional objects.

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A new generation of computer software is utilised in the manufacture of these types of materials. In the industrial sector additive technologies are fast replacing the traditional CNC machining technologies, which are often considered more fragile than their newer counterparts. The new technologies are also found to be highly dependable, as they provide the users with a wider range of capabilities, depending on the requirements. For instance, 3d printers are often used for producing metal parts; however they can also be used for ceramics, plastics and other hard materials. The most common applications of the 3d printing technology are found in medical imaging and industrial design. For advice on this and Silicone Moulding, go to Meadex

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The concept of creating a virtual model of any object has been around for quite some time but it was only recently associated with the military and aerospace industries. But with the advent of digital technology and computer aided design programs the concept of this print based imaging process has begun to find application in the commercial market.

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