10 wedding dresses for winter weddings

10 wedding dresses for winter weddings

Do you plan to get married in the winter months? Celebrate the wedding outside the typical bridal season does not have to be a problem, because there are stylish long-sleeved wedding dresses, which will make you feel just as glamorous as with those of suspenders or short sleeves, and will allow you to wear a great look cool Whatever your style, do not worry. The options are endless.

If, despite the low temperatures, you do not want to give up a dress with a neckline, decide for a V-shape or a heart, with lace on the body and sleeves. Bold and seductive, the transparencies will leave your skin in sight. Perfect for romantic brides and with personality.


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This cotton fabric that forms small geometric drawings with relief stomps on the wedding dresses of the new season, so it will be an excellent proposal throughout the year. If you opt for a suit with a discreet and small relief, make sure you have some element that gives it character: a pursed belt, some element of rhinestones, some small ties …


An elegant white dress with long or three-quarter length, gathered at the waist, with some lace and a round neck or boat neck, will be the perfect model to achieve a romantic look that will highlight your figure and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Maximum simplicity

If your thing is simplicity you are in luck, since among the wide range of winter dresses there are many models that combine sobriety and elegance in equal parts. With them you will feel comfortable without giving up anything. Plain designs in crepe, satin or silk with small gathers, elements in rhinestones or large bows. Remember: the maxim “less is more” always works.

Opening in the back

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Another very original option for long-sleeved dresses are those that leave much of the back exposed or those that have a wide vertical opening, V-shaped, giving a touch of glamor to the winter dress.


More closed and long sleeves or three quarters, winter dresses do not have to give up that sexy touch that many brides look for. If it is your case, opt for a mermaid cut model, all lace and high neck, or a fitted boat neck and a large central opening in the skirt. You will be irresistible!


The fitted dresses with long sleeves with ruffles on the shoulders provide a geometric effect, very modern. But if yours are not the flyers, you will get a similar result with rhinestones or with a decorative element, such as gold applications or different colors.


Another option is to choose a princess cut dress, with a large skirt with flight, French sleeves and a lace fitted body with floral motifs. You will get to feel like a fairytale princess and you will be according to the time of year.

Two pieces

And how about a set of two pieces consisting of a shirt and a skirt or pants? This original look exudes elegance and will make you feel yourself throughout the celebration. And it will be very useful to protect you from the cold!

Short dress

If you want to go short, you can opt for a pleated model, very sophisticated. A lace or lace on the neck and sleeves will give transparency to the shoulders and cuffs, and will add a very chic touch that will surely not go unnoticed. Still have doubts about how original winter wedding dresses can be?

How to choose a Wedding Dress for a winter wedding

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The cold season is approaching and if your wedding is planned for that time when temperatures begin to fall, it is time to look for your wedding dress according to the season.

Covering yourself from the cold is a necessity, but for no reason is an impediment to make you look beautiful and spectacular. Fortunately, today you can find a variety of designs and accessories that will help you meet that need while still looking beautiful.

Do not give up on a nice neckline . The most recognized bridal houses that you find in Expo Tu Boda, offer you options such as boleros, scarves and jackets with which you can cover yourself with the cold when you go to the church or hall, and then already in the party, remove them to show off the pretty neckline of your dress.

Long sleeves for the wedding dress. They represent a good option, in addition they offer a touch of elegance and glamour to your bridal look. There are even designs with long sleeves, but with pronounced necklines that provide the sensuality that every bride deserves.

Types of wedding dresses that are fashionable in 2018

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Will yours be among them? Although you are a current bride who is committed to bringing the latest, we remind you as always that your dress has to be a choice that goes beyond this aspect. It has to have a pattern that above all favors you and that makes you feel attractive and special. But who knows, perhaps among these 4 trends you will find everything you are looking for in your dream dress. Take note!

 Ancient lace

A perfect way to turn a simple wedding dress into a special one is from the chosen fabrics . The lace is one of the most acclaimed textures for brides of all styles. And there are as many lace styles as there are brides in the world. And beyond the pure white, this 2018 will triumph those with an aesthetic oriented to the vintage style , aged or bohemian and throwing raw or pink.


There is nothing simpler and more attractive at the same time as minimalist air dresses . We refer to those who opt for pure lines, straight cuts. It is about betting on a serene and timeless elegance that leaves out the details or shrillness. And you are also among those who think that less is more ?

Necklines on the back

A way to dress your wedding dress with a sensual touch but without losing the sophistication is betting on a neckline on the back. Showing part of your skin in a refined way is always a good choice for both summer and winter weddings. And although it seems a trend that repeats itself year after year you can still give it your personal touch.

How? by choosing the shape and details that surround you. You can choose between the totally uncovered back , one that forms a V , in the shape of a tear or slightly decorated with some tattoo effect dress .

 Velo – cape

One of the trends that we will see most this 2018 are the layers , pieces that are integrated into the dresses becoming the new fashion veil . This layer can also be part of the sleeves , a thin piece of fabric that will give you great movement and will be the goal of many of your photos of the wedding report .

A precious and delicate effect that reminds in a certain way the aristocracy or ancient times but with a much more modern aesthetic.

Long-sleeved wedding dresses

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All firms include among their collections winter wedding dresses intended for weddings that will be held in autumn or winter, aware that it is a demand that, although minority, exists.

All these winter wedding dresses opt for bodies of light designs, leaving a greater textile load for the skirts, normally with fabrics with a lot of body and fall, like the mikado or the silk crêpe, which at the same time are warm, ideal fabrics for the cold. This textile combination is what brings uniqueness and charm to winter wedding dresses.

The presence of long sleeves is evidence that it is a winter wedding dress , but always maintaining the delicacy of the fabrics characteristic of the bodies of the dresses. These wedding dresses usually incorporate sleeves covered with lace, tulle, etc. that subtly hint the arm, forming part of the body of the dress or not, that is, that only dress the arms because the tissue of the body is another, normally smooth.

With this idea, the lace long-sleeved winter wedding dresses are presented in the form of a one-piece dress or said long sleeve can respond to an overlapping jacket that can then be removed.

There are models in which this jacket even covers the skirt, making the dress more warm and becoming a beautiful lace layer that enriches the winter wedding dress.

There are also long-sleeved winter wedding dresses made in the same fabric all over the body, looking for that more minimalist effect that shies away from the aesthetic overload that some brides see in the lace. Another idea is that if the fabric is smooth, dress the skirt with superimposed textures, tulle type or feathers, to enhance it, making the effect of a screen that also warms the skirt.

Jackets of all styles wedding dresses

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For brides who only seek to cover themselves from the cold by being outside and then going to get rid of that piece, we would be talking about accessories such as jackets , understood independently of the winter wedding dress. Obviously, we must always look to keep the line with the wedding dress, but in these cases there is greater freedom to play when making combinations.

With this piece when the bride can show more of her personality, choosing a jacket model that she likes a lot and that breaks a bit with the formalism of the winter wedding dress.

Why not decide on a winter wedding dress with a colored jacket with some detail? Or why not dare for a white leather jacket type rock?

Then there would be the most common fabric jackets like cashmere, delicate and soft, or also knit or wool jackets. Always in white, adjusted to the body in line with the waist. Or you can also choose it as a bolero, more short.

The skins are a proposal for those brides who get married in really cold places, whether in the form of a cape, jacket or stole. And there are also models that you can include a poncho type to cover the body with a fabric or similar details to the winter wedding dress.

Winter wedding dresses accessories

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The winter wedding dresses are also complemented with pieces according to the season, so that the bridal shoes will always be closed and the legs will be dressed in stockings to avoid the cold in these extremities.

As for the headdress of the hair  as a complement to the winter wedding dress, the fresh flowers give way to those dried, equally beautiful, as well as crowns, tiaras, hairpins, etc. elegant and thin, letting the protagonist take the dress.

If you think about getting married in the colder months, you can see that you also have a lot in your favor and possibilities to choose a beautiful winter wedding dress complemented with a winter piece that will enhance it if possible.

And he also thinks that there are plenty of beautiful places to marry in autumn and winter, with exteriors that are majestic with the changes of these seasons and beautiful interior facilities fully prepared to host a wedding that knows no heat.

Finally, winter wedding season has arrived ! And with it come the long sleeves, the French sleeves and the more winter fabrics. Do you plan to get married on these dates? Be very careful because today we share a beautiful selection of wedding dresses ideal for that time of year. It will inspire you to decide on a style!

The reason why it is cold at this time is not incompatible with that you have to go completely covered. That day is rare that you go cold with so many emotions! Also, keep in mind that usually at this time of year both the ceremony and the treat are made in spaces covered so the cold will not be a problem that prevents you from choosing the dress of your dreams.