Toilet Training your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is great – they are adorable and mischievous, and it is something that the whole family looks forward too. However, puppies can also be a lot of hard work, and in order to end up with a well-mannered, happy and sociable adult dog, this is also a time to put a lot of work in with training.

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One of the things that new puppy owners find a big struggle is toilet training. Puppies don’t arrive knowing about the right places to go to toilet, and this can be a stressful time for new owners.

One of the first things is to start preparing before you even have your puppy at home – is your home suitable for a puppy? When it comes to toilet training, flooring like this laminate wood flooring at Irwin tiles is a good choice, as there will inevitably be accidents and you will want something that can be cleaned easily.

When you have the puppy home with you, start straight away – a young pup has a small bladder and will need to be taken outside frequently and encouraged to go to toilet. Take them to the same spot outside as well so that they realise it is their toilet area and that is where they are expected to go.

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It is recommended that you take a young pup out every couple of hours and always straight after eating and drinking. They may not get the hang of it straight away, but when they do go to toilet outside, make a big fuss of them and give them a treat– that way they will associate it with being a good thing.

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