Three Common Accidents that Can Happen in the Workplace

The workplace is now a much safer place to be than it was years ago –  employers now have lots of safety precautions in place, such as sending staff on courses like this first aid at work Tewkesbury based course however accidents are a part of life and they still happen, These are three common accidents at work, which extra precautions should be taken to guard against…

Fire – This is a danger that can affect any workplace. There are usually a lot of flammable items in a workplace – an office will have lots of paper in it typically, and there are also a lot of electrical items such as computers that are running a lot of the time. Warehouse and storage facilities too as well as transportation companies also have the added danger of chemicals such as petrol which could easily catch fire.

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Machinery Accidents – Factories and warehouses are two places where machinery can be found. A lot of machinery has the potential to cause serious accidents – from recycling facilities where large industrial shredders are used to distribution warehouses where there are forklifts operating, staff should always be well trained to use the machinery before being allowed to operate it on their own.

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Slips and Trips – This is another very common accident that can affect most workplaces. Things like mats are often used to protect floors, but they can often get rucked up which poses a huge trip hazard. As well as this, liquids like drinks can be spilt on floors and staircases which mean that it can cause a really nasty accident if someone were to fall on it.

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