The rise of mobile phones in the 80s

The time of the mobiel phone is defintoely now. We use our ph0ones so much more than simply keeping in touch via calling or sending a text. Now we have video calls via Whatsapp and Duo. Picture texts and GIFs are also incredible popular. So where this is the age of the mobile where did it all begin? When did the mobile phone truly take off.

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Getting hold of a phone has also never been easier. A Vodafone Store Ireland based opertation, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, is easy to come by. Just be entering, Where are Vodafone stores in Ireland? would give you the perfect response. The same could not be said of the eighties but they were still out there. The mobile may have been invented in the nineteen seventies but it was the nineteen eighties when it began to really take off.

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Back in the day, the mobile was marginally smaller than the brick it had been in the nineteen seventies. The problem of battery power draining too quickly was reduced by simply including one in a suitcase with a battery. The mobile phone was primarily the car phone in the nineteen eighties. It was attached to the car battery and could be charged via the natrual running of the car over time. The technology was similar to that of the radio system that taxis used to communicate back to the rank for work. With the onset of the digital age at the end of the eighties the ability to create a smaller more mobile phone that could be carried in a pocket or bag was finally becoming a reality.

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