The Head of the family of Pendragons

In the midst of time (quite literally if you watch films about the dark ages everywhere seemed to be wreathed in fog) there was a man. He was strong, he was mighty, and it was his destiny to rule the land of Britain and be its High King. The eons would ring with his name and the land which he would conqueror would be under his rule and his descendants for centuries.  He was the great Uther Pendragon and there was one problem none of this was to come true. Uther was a bit of grumpy violent person who’s only real claim is that he was the Father of a really great King Arthur. One thing that Uther was right about was that his family name would live on with a Skip Hire Swansea firm available to view at

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Who is this man the sire of the real hero Arthur?  First of all, lets ignore the fact that Arthur probably wasn’t real as the source material provided by Geoffery of Monmouth is not very accurate or trustworthy. It’s not just the written stuff though. For example, his final resting place at Glastonbury Abbey was exposed as a hoax and just a ruse by the Monks to get people to visit and give money. However, this is not about Arthur this is about his Dad. When Merlin was looking for a King to rule the land, he noticed a rather vicious warrior called Uther. He seemed bigger and tougher than the other Knights (which he proved by killing most of the others) so decided that he would do as the King. Merlin produced Excalibur and had a nice chat with him about all the responsibilities that being a King meant Uther’s response is legendary. Rather than take on all of Merlins sage advice he instead came back with a request. He wanted to bed the Lady Igraine. Only one problem there, she was married to the King of Cornwall and man who Uther had just made peace with to secure his Kingship.

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Against his better judgement Merlin devised a plan to draw the Duke away from his castle and then using his magic he transformed Uther into the Duke appearance so that he could spend the night with Igraine. As luck would have it the Duke was killed in an accident and despite Igraine putting two and two together and questioning how her husband had been able to get back from his trip and then go out get killed so quickly without any funny magic business she accepted the offer of Uther to be her new husband. The result was Arthur a nice step brother for her daughter Morgaine.

After this incident Merlin realised that Uther was a bit of waste of space and when he was ambushed by some disgruntled Duke of Cornwall lackeys in a massive fit of pique, he sticks Excalibur in a stone so no one else can have it.

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