Paddle Game: How to play?

Paddle Game: How to play?

The paddle game is having a huge success thanks to the great interest that many show business personalities are giving it; also for this reason, we want to find out what are the main features, the rules and the advantages for the body.

How to play paddle

To play paddle you have to be in four players, divided into two teams, equipped with special paddle rackets (smaller than those of tennis and without ropes, but with holes all over the surface) on a field divided in half from a network. Although similar to tennis, the game of paddle has several differences, of which the most important is the absence of lateral lines, as the side walls (often transparent to make viewing meetings better) are part of the playing field, so when the ball bounces on them it is still playable.

The rules of the paddle game

When a player serves, he is in the opposite position diagonally to the playing area where he will have to direct the ball to make it bounce, before it is hit by the opponent who will send it back to the opposite half giving way to the game. The service takes place from the bottom upwards, in a manner opposite to what happens in tennis. As far as the score of the paddle game is concerned, the same system used for tennis is used.

The ball can always be hit on the fly (volleys) except when it is received in response to the initial measure; you can hit the walls of your field also to send the ball back to the other side of the field. The ball obviously cannot bounce on the ground more than once.

Each team aims to gain points by avoiding hitting the ball before it is in its own half and has therefore completely crossed the net, avoiding hitting the ball with its own body (or any accessory other than the racket) or to hit directly the walls of the opposing half court; in these cases a foul is committed and the point goes to the opponents.

Does it say paddle or padel?

On the website of the Italian Tennis Federation, where it is also possible to find the detailed rules for the game of paddle, the term paddle is used and not that of padel which is often misused.

The benefits of paddle

Practicing paddle, like for tennis, means working a lot on the buttocks and legs which, even more than the arms, are the areas of the body that are most involved. Paddle is an aerobic discipline with which you burn a lot of calories even if you need to dedicate some physical effort to it. In addition to all the advantages on the organism, there are so many benefits to be registered also at a mental and adrenaline level: this activity literally drives those who try it crazy, revealing itself to be amusing and pleasant, always maintaining a high concentration and the ability to identify the best shots to get points.

Despite the recent boom in the game of paddle, this discipline is expected to grow further in the coming years. Already many sports clubs offer spaces and fields suitable for playing paddle, thus encouraging the spread of the phenomenon so much that for many it has almost become an addiction, a sport to which you can no longer give up.