What Are the Benefits of Voice Recording for Your Customer Calls?

What Are the Benefits of Voice Recording for Your Customer Calls?

In today’s fiercely competitive market, every call that your business receives is important. How a call is handled can mean the difference between retaining a customer or losing them to a competitor. For this reason, it is a real advantage to use call recording so that the quality of interactions with callers can be monitored.

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Listening to calls on a regular basis can help build a realistic picture of how polished your business’s call-handling skills are. It lets you analyse what you need to do to improve. This can lead to many advantages, some of which are discussed below.

Development of Staff

Call recording can be used to build up case studies of well or poorly handled calls for use in staff training and development.


Analysing a large volume of calls can help to refine the processes you use and push for continuous improvement. You can also then monitor the results of the changes made and see if they have had the desired effect.

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Customer Service

There is a saying that a satisfied customer will bring in five extra customers, but an unsatisfied customer can lose you hundreds. This is particularly true with the use of social media and online reviews. Call recording can help you improve both customer service and the way that complaints are handled. In its annual report, the Institute of Customer Service lists over-phone experience alongside complaint handling as the top differentiators of highly ranked organisations.

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Sales Enquiries

These can be tracked to see the proportion of inbound calls translated to sales or appointments and to see if promotions are being correctly described to potential customers.

Lead Generation

The quality of your outbound sales calls can be monitored and improved upon through staff training.

Resolution of Disputes

Call recording is a fantastic way to check what has been said and not said when you have an issue or dispute to resolve. It can also be a useful way to see if staff need extra support in dealing with irate customers or other challenging situations.

Call recording can also be used effectively for VoIP calls, and the facility is available from many VoIP service providers.

In summary, call recording can bring many advantages to your business and can help transform customer service, quality and staff training.