What are Recharge Rooms?

What are Recharge Rooms?

Office design has changed a great deal over the last decade. Long gone are the boxed in cubicles and drab environments. Now there is a greater focus on well-being, introduction of natural elements, open-plan spaces and dedicated areas, for example. It’s all about improving the lives of workers. Most of us spend a huge proportion of our adult lives in the workplace, so smart office design is looking at reducing absenteeism, improving creativity, helping health and wellness and retaining employees. Tired and miserable staff are not the most productive after all.

So, with the focus being on helping people to bring their A game to work every day, how can we foster an environment of relaxed, satisfied and recharged employees? Enter the Recharge Rooms.

What are Recharge Rooms?

These specially designed rooms are far more than a café area or group of chairs for chatting. These are rooms for employees to get some downtime and clear their minds. They can relax, zone out, nap or meditate.

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The concept is to allow employees a space to unwind from the tense, stresses of their work to enable the brain to reset and recharge. It is hoped that this downtime results in employees feeling ready to take on that next project or challenge with renewed vigour. One of the companies involved in the concept is Unilever. Their ‘Wellbeing’ area has four sections for snacking, resting, stretching and connecting with others.

The design of a recharge room can take on almost any form, as long as it’s relaxing! Providing a space for a nap or even the services of a professional masseuse might still be seen as indulgent by some businesses, other forward-thinking companies are realising the huge benefits of having a workforce that is physically and mentally relaxed.

Some companies offer a yoga or meditation room. Just 5 minutes of mindfulness in the quiet can work wonders for concentration, breathing, focus and better sleep. Yoga and stretching are also mindful and reflective, improving blood flow and energy levels.

Creating a Games room might sound like an excuse to do nothing but act like a kid, but they are incredibly useful for allowing stressed out workers to zone out for a while. Such rooms don’t even need to take up much space, just a few beanbags and a small TV linked up to a games console. For a more upmarket games room, consider super comfy furniture pieces like an Eames Chair. Check out the Eames Chairs from Pash Classics.

Other popular ideas include massage rooms or spas. A massage is a perfect way to ease built-up tension in the muscles, which is helpful to those who suffer from migraines or back problems. Just a quick 10-minute massage can help relieve a lot of the discomfort staff feel from sitting in an office chair all day.

Dedicated nap rooms would have been frowned upon a few years ago but even businesses are realising that sleep-deprived staff are unproductive. Did you know that Google provides sleep pods for those employees who work long hour? They are viewed as a far healthier solution than employees drinking endless cups of coffee to stay awake. A power nap can work wonders for a tired employee with a deadline.