Viante CUC-25PM Pasta Machine

Viante CUC-25PM Pasta Machine

Product Description

Prepare your favorite fresh pasta very easily by using Viante CUC-25PM Pasta Machine. This electric-operated pasta machine will enable you to produce pasta in a jiffy – even those that are made of 100% whole grains ingredients. As for its exterior, the unit is undoubtedly a space-saver and an asset for every kitchen because of its sophisticated design. Performance-wise, this pasta machine has a motor powerful enough to combine and knead dough.

A set of Viante comes with eight different pasta discs which include those for linguine, fettuccine, lasagna, and other Italian noodles. What makes it additionally unique is its biscotti molder which proves that every meal should include a dessert. Another unique feature is its clear window that allows you to check the consistency of the dough easily. It also comes with a detachable measure spoon placed on the unit’s lead. This spoon can be removed to make way for a small opening, useful if you should need to add liquid in the mixture. This machine’s dimensions are 12x13x15 inches.

Technical Details

  • Electric pasta maker effortlessly mixes and kneads pasta dough
  • Quick-reference icons on side panel
  • Transparent viewing window
  • On-board tool storage
  • Removable measuring spoon built into chamber’s lid
  • Includes 8 pasta discs, 1 biscotti disc, knife, and cleaning tool
  • Measures approximately 12-4/5 by 13-8/9 by 15 inches

Viante CUC-25PM Review

When you first look at the Viante CUC-25PM Pasta Machine you are sure to fall in love with its sleek design. It’s a great addition to any kitchen and owing to its design it doesn’t eat up a lot of space on the kitchen counter top. In fact, this pasta maker’s compartment makes room for not just the dough but can also accommodate discs, knife and cleaning tools after use.

The Viante CUC-25PM is made mostly out of plastic with only the more essential parts constructed from metal, which is good for those who are not careful enough in handling kitchen appliances. The detailed instructions that come with this pasta maker make it very convenient to assemble, even by newcomers.

While it functions, there’s just a small problem with noise but keep in mind that this mixer is motor-operated so there’s no way it can be noiseless. As for the performance, the motor is reasonably powerful and it can mix even coarse dough consistencies.

An experienced pasta chef said that at first, she was reluctant to buy the product since there had been negative reviews about it. However, she took the gamble and proved these reviews wrong. She loved how easy it was to clean the appliance. She highly recommends the Viante CUC-25PM to pasta chefs and Italian food enthusiasts.

One customer further added that she was able to make tagliatelle and pappardelle of good quality each week for her family and friends. To keep this machine clean, she said that all you needed to do was a little bit of wiping and washing. She says that you should clean it immediately before the remaining dough dries up to save yourself the trouble of having to scrub it for hours.

Another well-admired feature of the Viante CUC-25PM Pasta Machine is that it provides detailed instructions and clear illustrations on pasta making – which indeed affects how well your pasta dough will turn out as well as the subsequent dispensing process. If you follow the steps carefully, you can produce high quality pasta in about 20 minutes.

Towards the end we can say that it won’t be a bad idea to buy Viante CUC-25PM Electric Pasta Maker with 9 Interchangeable Discs if you are a person who loves to make pastas. You won’t have any cause to regret your decision.

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